The CMM-Manager software retrofit communicates directly to your existing CMM, requiring no additional hardware or 3rd party middle-ware. Our unified software solution means lower cost of ownership and a single point of contact for sales, support, and service. Learn more about available software options and configurations below.

CMMs and Portable Arms

Choose the software that fits your needs and hardware. Manual or DCC, Standard or Lite.

  • DCC Standard For use on Motorized CMM. 2D / 3D CAD ...
  • Manual Standard For Manual or Portable CMM. 2D / 3D CAD ...
  • Offline Seat Create Programs without interrupting your CMM.
  • DCC Lite For use on motorized CMM. No CAD Import. Plug-n-Play – ...
  • Manual Lite For Manual or Portable CMM. No CAD Import. No Additional ...
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Optical / Vision Systems

CMM-Manager DCC VIsion

Software designed specifically for Optical / Vision systems. Available on new Nikon hardware and third party retrofit (coming soon)

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Dimensioning & Reporting

CMM-Manager Reporting

Intuitive GD&T, Dimension, and Reporting Tools. Flexible report options to meet your specific needs.

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Supported Probing

CMM-Manager Supported Probes

Wide variety of Probing and Probe Heads supported by CMM-Manager.

  • Renishaw Revo-2 CMM-Manager combined with the REVO system uses ...
  • Renishaw SP25 Scanning Probe from Renishaw provides tactile touch-trigger and ...
  • Renishaw PH20 The PH20 probe head offers unique ‘head touches’ ...
  • Probe Change Racks Change rack mounts to CMM table, allowing automatic ...
  • Probe Heads Support for manual and motorized Probe Heads from ...
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CMM-Manager Software Add-Ons

Software options for enhanced functionality and extended hardware support.

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Companion Software

CMM-Manager Client Monitor App

Stand-alone and companion software used alongside CMM-Manager enhancing its functionality.

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Maintenance and Support

CMM-Manager annual SSC

Keep your software up to date and get priority support.

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