2023 Release

CMM-Manager 2023
Renishaw Equator gauging system, API Radian (LaserTracker), new automation software, graphical reporting updates, UI Improvements, 30+ customer specific requests.
CMM-Manager 2023 HF1
Version 2023 HF1 (
Release Date: 01/11/2024
Required SSC Date: 01/01/2024 or later

General Information
This hotfix release is a full standalone release and will overwrite any existing 2023 installation

Bug Fixes
[1] Error when connecting or homing with IMUSB box
[2] Hole pattern paths deleted after running Operation Plan

CMM-Manager 2023
Version 2023 ( 
Release Date: 12/22/2023 
Required SSC Date: 01/01/2024 or later
1. Supported Operating Systems
- Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise 
- Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise 
* Windows 7 or 8 may still work, but not officially supported or tested 
* CAD Converter 2023 or later no longer supports 32-bit OS, but CAD Converter 2022 can be used with CMM-Manager 2023 on 32-bit OS
2. Language Support
- English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish
3. New Automation Software - QxAutomation-Manager 
- Simple yet powerful solution for automation integration with CMM-Manager 
- Intuitive UI for configuration, testing and operation 
- Allows a maximum of 255 programs 
- Supported protocols: 
   - Modbus TCP/IP Server 
   - Modbus TCP/IP Client 
   - Generic, Fanuc, Siemens 
   - Socket TCP/IP Client 

4. Added support for Renishaw Equator Gauging System 
- Supports full functionalities including CMM calibration for Equator 
- Allows one program to be used for calibraiton, mastering and measuring 
- Supports VB Script variable for mode selection 

5. Added support for API Laser Tracker 
- Supports API Radian Core/Plus/Pro models 
- Supports various targets including SMR, Nest and vProbe 
- Supports auto stability trigger and auto probe comp point collection 
- Supports Jog, Go To and Leap Frog operations 

6. Usability Improvements 
- Added optional simplified CAD measurement interface for quick programming 
- Made Program database right click menu context sensitive 
- Added shortcut keys in the Program database for Copy, Paste, Cut, Find, Select All 

7. Reporting Enhancements 
- Allows to add report notes from Report database right click menu 
- Allows multi-select Cloud features for Report Cloud Operation - Allows to include header and customer data fields at top of each report page 
- Allows output of report title in DDE operation 
- Allows to expand/collapse all report database window - Changed report preview display to higher contrast colors 
- Improved drag-n-drop behavior in Report database 
- Auto switch to Report database when creating a new graphical report 
- Fixed: buildup of background Excel instances caused issue with paste address function in DDE operations 
- Fixed: dashed lines for tolerance band did not show correctly in graphical report 
- Fixed: Distance and Angle Between batch reporting only applying nominal values to first report output 

8. Path Planning Enhancements 
- Increased default clearance distance for path planning to 6.0 mm 
- Added preference for rectangular vs circular for 5-axis plane measurement 
- Fixed: link path issue in certain cases 
- exit point from previous feature was too far out than needed 
- Fixed: Verify did not create approach path if the first command was a 5-axis move 
- Fixed: find Hole paths for Relative Measure could be created on wrong side of the feature 

9. Client Monitoring App Enhancements 
- Added tracking joystick motion as well as DCC motion 
- Added option to resize dashboard tiles 
- Fixed: DST issue in utilization calculation 

10. Other Enhancements 
- [1] Added new operation to allow sending I++ DME commands directly 
- [2] Added Construct Point - intersection of (curve) cloud and plane/line 
- [3] Allows to open associated program operation from Feature dialog 
- [4] Keeps Furniture shown when using Place CAD command 
- [5] Changed circular plane size definition from radius to diameter 
- [6] Allows to set VB Script variables via command line argument - [7] Project revision history is now saved in file with optional comments 
- [8] Improve ISO 10360 Probing Test - Allows to retrieve/input temperature info - Allows to output raw data 

11. Driver Updates 
- B&S Sharpe2 - COM port communication issue with USB to Serial adapter 
- Faro Arm - TP20 trigger not detected reliably on Faro USB Arm 
- Mitutoyo UC - Allow smaller pitch for SP25 unknown scan 
- Fixed SP25 calibration output not scaled to Scale Factor 
- Fixed software crash upon connection due to unexpected PHC response 
- UCC Direct 2.0 - Fixed failure to send tool offset to UCC when re-connecting 
- UCC I++ - Fixed software crash when doing I++ Sync with UCCserver that contains incompletely defined tools 
- UCC Manual - Add support for UCC manual controller (MMI-2) 
- Zeiss C99 - Allows to set joystick backoff distance 

12. Bug Fixes 
- [1] Edge/Angle points did not simulate or verify when using the simulate/verify function 
- [2] Edge Point could show false error "two vectors are not perpendicular" 
- [3] 2D scan feature location should not be projected to working plane 
- [4] Edge Points in Points page sometimes did not snap points to the nearest edge 
- [5] Probe Assembly dialog always shown in 3 decimal places even for inch 
- [6] No verify button for Manual Measure Hole Pattern 
- [7] Furniture did not stay hidden across sessions 
- [8] No prompt to save project file upon closing with changes made to graphical report 
- [9] Probe display incorrect during probe change (higher than it is) 
- [10] Operation dialog shown on main monitor when CMM-M was running on second monitor 
- [11] Help desk file export did not include files in all subfolders 
- [12] Line-Circle intersection did not display points when axis line was used 
- [13] Re-Boundary CAD surfaces on some models could cause software crash 
- [14] Exported DXF Curves could not be opened in Fusion 360 / Autodesk 
- [15] Not all features translate after cut/paste 
- [16] Certain STEP model dimension became much larger when imported 
- [17] SP25 scan program execution could use wrong approach and backoff distance 
- [18 ]Selecting multiple features for construction may cause software crash 
- [19] Wrong T deviation output when actual and nominal ref. frames were different 
- [20] Homing in SFL without configuration file would cause the software to freeze 
- [21] Certain Construct Point operation in a program could cause software crash upon file close 
- [22] Failed to close programs with collapsed Program Groups containing disabled Get Probe Assembly operations 
- [23] Default Vision layouts included incorrect DRO window 
- [24] Error constructing mid-plane of two circular planes 
- [25] Construct Bestfit Plane probe comp direction could be wrong when PCS Z-axis was inverse of nominal plane direction 
- [26] Convert Excel to CSV may fail due to non-existent cached file path 
- [27] Gasket scan not working properly in INCH mode 
- [28] Ellipse fitting issue with probe comp 
- [29] Background was not white when printing the display window