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CMM-Manager with Renishaw SP25

Renishaw SP25

Scanning Probe from Renishaw provides tactile touch-trigger and tactile scanning from a single probe system. High-density data collection, for quick and precise form evaluation of geometric and irregular shapes. Compatible with all Renishaw Auto-Joint probe heads and many popular DCC CMM controllers. SP25 Advantages and Details Compact and Indexing Probe – wide measuring range – 20mm to 400mm reach Automatic… Read more →

CMM-Manager and PH20 Probe

Renishaw PH20

The PH20 probe head offers unique ‘head touches’ for rapid touch-trigger measurement and fast infinite 5-axis positioning to guarantee optimal feature access. Its compact design makes it suitable for new CMM purchases and as a retrofit to the vast majority of existing CMM touch trigger installations. PH20 Advantages and Details 3 times throughput increase 5 axis tip index Fast Head… Read more →

CMM-Manager Supported Probe Racks

Probe Change Racks

Change rack mounts to CMM table, allowing automatic exchange of probing components such as TP20, TP200, SP25, Deva Camera & Zeiss ST. Software includes calibration, location, and adjustment of each Probe Rack. Once rack is calibrated just click a button to swap from one probe to another. Supported Racks Include: Renishaw MCR20 (-6 & -3) SCR200 ACR1 ACR3 FCR25 Zeiss… Read more →

CMM-Manager Supported Probes

Probe Heads

Support for manual and motorized Probe Heads from nearly every manufacturer including Renishaw, Zeiss, Tesa & zCat. Supported Probe Heads Renishaw PH20 PH20-MT Revo-2 PH10M / MQ / T PH9 / 9A PH50 PH6 MIP RTP20 MH20 / 20i and more… Tesa TesaStar / i TesaStar M TesaStar SM Zeiss RDS ST zCat Portable Arm Hard Probe Touch Probe Read more →