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QxSoft is dedicated to offering industry leading support. When our customers purchase CMM-Manager they get expert level support and service from staff that live and breathe CMM-Manager. Not only do we know our software but we know your CMM too. After all, we’ve created a plug-n-play interface and likely know your system as well as the Original Equipment Manufacturer does.

QxSoft Support Portal

What is Priority Support? Priority Support includes Machine Setup (CMM-Manager), Software Usage, and License assistance.

Who is eligible for Priority Support? Priority Support is available to any customer owning software within the warranty period / active SSC.

What is SSC / Software Service Contract? See here

Hardware Support – First time Machine Setup. Download Device Drivers for your third party system. Convert Error Map from legacy software / hardware. Transfer CMM-Manager configuration from one PC to another.* Restore previously backed-up configuration in case of PC crash. Troubleshoot basic controller errors. Troubleshoot basic accuracy issues – i.e. probing, tip calibration, probe compensation, filtering settings, etc. If it’s determined that onsite service is required, it is the customer responsibility to obtain service, we can put you in touch with local services companies around the world. *Does not include Renishaw UCC Software migration – this must be performed onsite by Renishaw authorized CMM service company.

Software Usage – How To… Probe Setup, Probe Calibration, Alignments, Measurements, Probe Path Planning, Constructions, Reporting, Programming, Export Data, Import CAD, etc. If the software does something and you want to know HOW, we can help. Basic drawing, dimension, and GD&T interpretation, we’ll provide details on CMM-Manager’s reporting tools. Basic VBScript functionality, do you want to make a simple calculation or perform basic flow control in program? Questions about non-standard modules such as Gear, Vision, Analog Scanning, etc. Yes, we can help with this too.

License Support – Assistance transferring Softlock License from one PC to another. The default License for CMM-Manager is Softlock, this license can be transferred by end user without involvement from QxSoft. If you plan to move software from one PC to another more than once per year, we suggest that you purchase optional USB Dongle, this allows user to move software to any PC easily. License update including Driver change in the case of CMM controller failure / swap. USB Dongle failure, we’ll issue a Softlock to get you going immediately. Want to setup a Network License, we can help.

What if my Software Warranty is expired, can I still get support? Yes, any CMM-Manager customer can call, email or use our Support Portal / Ticketing system. If you do not have an active SSC, we will provide basic software support, basic license support, and limited hardware support. Your support requests will not be processed with the same priority as customer with active SSC.