Supported CMM Hardware

Software for ANY CMM

CMM-Manager software is designed to operate many different CMM and Metrology systems. These systems include manual, motorized, and portable arm CMMs as well as vision measurement systems. Keep reading to learn more about supported CMM hardware and how CMM-Manager is compatible with your CMM – More software options and info

CMM-Manager compatible hardware

CMM-Manager’s unique plug-n-play interface allows users to operate many different CMMs and Metrology systems using one unified software. Meaning, less training and higher degree of program interoperability between all of your CMM hardware. Instead of training Quality and Inspection personnel on each unique system, one software empowers them to operate many devices with one familiar software. Sharing programs between devices allows you to use a Manual CMM or Portable Arm to elevate a bottle-neck in the CMM lab.

Compatible CMMs

  • Mitutoyo – Crysta, Apex, Bright, MiSTAR, BHN, BN, RV
  • Hexagon / B&S – Global, MicroVal, PFx, One, MicroHite
  • DEA – Gamma, Iota, Mistral, Delta, Epsilon, Lambda
  • Sheffield / Giddings & Lewis – Cordax, Endeavor, MEA, Discovery
  • LK – Altera, Maxima, Aeros, HC-90, G80, G90, Integra
  • Helmel – Phoenix, Checkmaster, Microstar
  • Starrett – Checkmaster, HGC, RapidCheck
  • Wenzel – XO, LH, XOrbit
  • Zeiss / Numerex – C, Vista, Contura, Eclipse, Mauser
  • zCat / Fowler – zCat
  • Aberlink – Extol, Horizon, Axiom, Zenith, Azimuth
  • Tarus CMM
  • Coord3 CMM – Universal, Ares, Benchmark, Kronos
  • Nikon – iNexiv VMA, Nexiv VMZ-R & VMZ-S

Compatible Portable Arms

  • FARO – Gold, Silver, Sterling, Bronze, Titanium, Platinum, Edge, Quantum
  • Romer/ Hexagon – Infinite, Stinger, Absolute
  • Kreon – Ace
  • Metris – MCA I & MCA II
  • Nikon – MCAx
  • LK – Freedom Arm
  • Tomelleri – Space
  • RPS Metrology Arm
  • Trimos – A5 / A6
  • Revware – MicroScribe Arm

Retrofit Interface for any CMM

  • Renishaw – UCC / I++
  • Deva Electronics – 004 DCC and 037 Manual Interface
  • Pantec – WPC, Eagle
  • Caliper Designs – CDI PCI for manual CMM
  • Insight Metrology – IMUSB
  • TopMes – AX3 Manual counter