2021 Release

CMM-Manager 2021
Improved CAD display, Ease of Use, Automation & CMM Monitoring App
Version 2021 (
Date: 09/21/2021

1. Language Support
English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish

2. CAD Importer Support: Spatial 3D InterOp Release 2021 1.0.0
The following formats and their versions are supported:
ACIS R1 – 2021 1.0
CATIA V4 4.1.9 - 4.2.4
CATIA V5/V6 V5 R8 – V5-6 R2021
DWG 2.5 – 2021
Inventor V6 – 2021
JT JT 8.x, 9.x, 10, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.5
NX NX 1 – NX 1953 Series
Parasolid 9.0.x – 33.0.x
Pro/E 16 – Creo 7.0
Solid Edge V18 – SE 2021
SolidWorks 2003 – 2021
STEP AP203, AP214, AP242
VDA-FS 1.0 – 2.0

3. Added support for 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse
-Plug and play with full functionality support on both main graphics view and graphical report view
-Allows all CMM-Manager commands to be assigned to SpaceMouse programmable buttons and radial menus

4. Rendering Improvements
-Improved surface edge rendering utilizing Multisampling Antialiasing (MSAA)
-Resolved edge trimming for tolerance band on Cloud-to-Curve graphical report

5. Path Planning Enhancements
-Added collision avoidance for the upper extents of machine volume
-Added link path option for Edge Points and Angle Points measurement
-Checks and shows appropriate path planning adjustments warning for PH20 commands
-Checks machine limits in all axes during program simulation
-Fixed OD Cylinder path planning issue in PH20 all-axis mode

6. Feature Fitting and Construction
-Added "Fixed Radius" fitting algorithm for Circle feature
-Added option to allow using more than just the nominal axis as initial guess for cylinder fitting
-Added option to construct a line from ellipse axis
-Added option to construct a point by moving a point along its normal vector

7. Vision Enhancements
-Added ability to pick CAD Points for vision
-Added an option in parcentricity calibration to enable adjusting circle tool size dynamically based
on video tip resolution
-Allows iNexiv touch probe approach distance to be greater than 1mm
-Fixed software crash on exit caused by image tools on floating image window

8. IPC Server Version 2.0 Update
-Added more commands and new unsolicited event messaging mechanism to further facilitate client
application integration
See the spec document for details

9. New Client Monitoring App
-Standalone companion application, free for users with active SSC
-Connects to single or multiple CMM-Manager instances over company intranet
-Monitors and displays useful information in real time including CMM usage / utilization, program running state,
error events, probe rotation and trigger cycles, tip calibration status etc.

10. Other Enhancements
-Improved points generation for Measure Cross Section and 2D Complex Curve
-Allows batch change to DDE settings: file name, sheet number, dev. output option and incremental option
-Allows grouping and sorting of Feature Database
-Allows graphics update for PH20 block command execution

11. Driver Updates
Caliper PCI Card:
-Added 64-bit driver support
Hexagon DC1:
-Allows use of DONE button on joystick for Trigger Verify
-Add an option to select the last used probe for Set Active Tool prompt
-Fixed: inconsistent PH20 tip handling of certain custom parts added in UCCserver
-Fixed: connection error due to "bad property" when querying scan parameter of a touch probe
-Fixed: "Incorrect arguments" error due to sending PCS for joystick
-Fixed: older UCC congiurations may not support JogDisplayCsy command
-Fixed: batch calibration of tips not already in UCCServer failed to clear the sphere
Kreon Arm:
-Added 64-bit driver support
LK Controller:
-Added option to home X-axis first
-Fixed: joystick trigger does not always register
-Fixed: SP25 closed-loop calibration may fail
Mitutoyo UC:
-Improved SP25 calibration especailly with longer stylus modules
-Improved SP25 unknown scan data control - pitch and stop zone
-Displays error during probe change when inhibit probe command is not supported by controller
Mitutoyo UD1:
-Fixed: driver may fail to load "UD1W.dll"
Romer Infinite / MCA II Arm:
-Fixed: connection issue on Windows 10 64-bit system using WinRDS
Sheffield MP/SMP DCC:
-Fixed: probe angle in DRO display not updating
UCC Direct 2.0:
-Fixed: "Incorrect arguments" error due to sending PCS for joystick
-Fixed: older UCC configurations may not support JogDisplayCsy command
-Fixed: "zCatParcer" error when connecting

12. Bug Fixes
[1] Link path may not be created properly for Transform Rotate operation
[2] Runout calculation for cone feature not correct
[3] Shop floor launcher may crash on launching new program after running other program
[4] CMM-Manager keeps Excel file locked after DDE operation
[5] DDE does not always output Feature Geometry in current CS
[6] DDE issue when minimizing CMM-Manager
[7] Clicking on Define Tolerance button on a blank document causes CMM-Manager to crash
[8] Customized keyboard shortcut settings are not sticky between sessions
[9] Running a program with Auto Feature commands causes CMM-Manager to crash
[10] On some systems there are missing and offset images in Excel report output
[11] Best Tip for CAD Feature results in unsupported PH10 probe orientation
[12] Changing GD&T Preferences from ASME to ISO does not stick
[13] Program Runtime is not displayed correctly on 32-bit OS
[14] Software crash when constructing a circle tangent to a line and a ref. frame axis at runtime
[15] Gear Report Graphical variation bar graph is missing
[16] Cannot create gear tips or gear inspection path with PH20 on certain internal gears
[17] Gear parameter check (base diameter vs root diameter) is incorrect
[18] OOT positional report items with "Feature Rpt" option may not be highlighted in the Report database.
[19] Software crash when using Non-Repeatable Tip Calibration
[20] SPACE key won't work as trigger after updating feature name on measurement counter dialog
for manual system
[21] Software crash after saving and load Measure & Scan Circle operation with 4th plane
[22] CAD taught 2D Arc display incorrect after re-pick CAD