Case Studies

Targeting Quality & Efficiency at Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory’s Quality assurance manager is virtually self-taught on the CMM thanks to the easy-to-use CMM Manager software that came standard on their Exact CMM. CMM-Manager’s automatic path planning combined with Renishaw PH-20 5 axis probe head was a must have on the CMM for its ability to access holes and slots deep inside a part.

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Nightforce Optics solidifies continuous improvement of Quality

Nightforce Optics extends CMM capabilities, adding LK CMM with Renishaw PH20 Probe and CMM-Manager software. “PH20 Probe Head gave us the throughput that we currently needed for our production requirements.” CMM-Manager helps to facilitate this throughput by creating efficient probe paths and reducing programming time and effort.

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A need for speed – Fast production facilitates faster track performances

Roush Yates Engines achieves rapid and accurate non-contact inspection of NASCAR engine components. With minimal need for fixtures and reliable non-contact inspection, iNEXIV VMA-4540 and CMM-Manager ticks all the boxes. Since its inception in 2003, Roush Yates Engines has dominated NASCAR particularly, with many historic moments.

CMM-Manager simplifies and automates tool inspection at BTM Corporation

Michigan-based tool maker BTM Corporation opted for QxSoft’s user-centric CMM-Manager software to automate serial inspection on different CMM brands.  BTM quality technicians also rely on CMM-Manager’s walk-in measurement capability to quickly take points on prototypes and first-articles.

CMM-Manager Software turns old CMMs into new profit centers.

Stillwater Technologies of Troy, Ohio is a specialty tooling and machining company that makes a huge array of parts. To handle increased demands on measurement inspection, they retrofitted their older CMMs with fast, easy-to-use software at a fraction of the cost of new CMMs. 

Software Speeds CMM Programming – Manufacturing Engineering November 2005

“The goal was to find a software package that could handle all CMM programming needs off-line or on-line, for diverse machines, and do it at minimal cost with a short learning curve,” explains Bill Hopkins, senior CMM manager at TECT.