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QxSoft, LLC.

“QuickSoft” was formed in 2020 by Mr. Jian Shi and Mr. Nathan Frost. Our team of 7 accounts for more than 100 years experience in the Metrology Industry. Each team member brings unique experience, with a mix of Computer Science, Mechanical, Applications, Sales, we develop, deliver, and support our product efficiently. As an independent company our customers can expect the highest level of service as we focus on our core products.

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First released at the Chicago Quality Show in 2001, CMM-Manager was originally developed and marketed by Integrated Quality Inc. Later purchased by Metris Inc. in 2008, then in 2009, Metris Inc. was purchased by Nikon Corp. Well known for its wide plug-n-play compatibility with over 50 devices, ease of use, automatic Probe Path Planning, and superior Help Desk Support.

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