2022 Release

Revo-2, Custom Report Titles, Expand / Collapse Program Steps. Import CAD with Colors, pass Variable from SFL to VBScript, 3Dconnexion keyboard pro & numpad pro support, multiple CMM / arm driver updates
Version 2022 (
Release Date: 12/20/2022
Required SSC Date: 10/01/2022 or later
1. Supported Operating Systems
- Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise
- Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise
- * Windows 7 SP1 Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate
* CAD Converter 2022 or later no longer supports Windows 7, but CAD Converter
  2021 can be used with CMM-Manager 2022 on Windows 7
2. Language Support
- English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish
3. CAD Importer Support: Spatial 3D InterOp Release 2023 1.0
- The following formats and their versions are supported:
  * ACIS            R1 – 2022 1.0
  * CATIA V4        4.1.9 - 4.2.4
  * CATIA          V5/V6 V5 R8 – V5-6 R2022 
  * DWG            2.5 – 2023
  * Inventor       V6 – 2023
  * JT          JT 8.x, 9.x, 10, 10.2, 10.3, 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7
  * NX             NX 1 – NX 2206 
  * Parasolid      9.0.x – 35.0.x
  * Pro/E          16 – Creo 9.0
  * Solid Edge     V18 – SE 2022
  * SolidWorks     2003 – 2022
  * STEP           AP203, AP214, AP242
  * VDA-FS         1.0 – 2.0
3. Added support for Renishaw REVO-2 head
- Supports RSP2 and RSP3 probe systems
               - RSP2 probes support 5-axis scan of Circle/Arc, Line, Ellipse, Slot, Plane,
                 Cylinder, Cone, Surface Cloud features, and 5-axis touch of all features
                 currently supported with PH20
               - RSP3 probes support 3-axis scan of all features currently supported with SP25
- Supprted 5-axis scan methods: Circle, Cylinder, Gasket, Sweep, Section
4. Added support for custom Report Title
- Allows using custom titles for all report items, e.g. balloon numbers
- Allows auto indexing for next report title
- Supports the use of variables for report title
- Supports batch renaming of report titles
- Added a Migrate Notes to Report Title tol to facilitate migrating previous reports
5. CAD Import and Rendering Improvements
- Updated some default values for CAD import options to improve robustness
- Allows retaining entity colors during CAD import
- Allows importing CAD file by Drag-n-Drop from Windows Explorer
- Allows wider color pallet for CAD and Feature display
- Softened background colors of the graphics display
6. Reporting Enhancements
- Default Report is now always sorted to match program order
- Allows User Notes to be added to Graphical Report
- Added Profile to DataPage and DataPage+ report output
- Fixed: The OK button was greyed out on the Report Properties window if the file
         path was not accessible
- Fixed: The bilateral position option was only set for the frist feature when
         doing batch reporting
7. Vision Enhancements
- Added support for Nikon VMZ-S vision system
- Added option to save live video image as JPEG or BMP
- Fxied AF Image Tool parameter handling for non-Nexiv devices such as Deva camera
- Fixed AF parameter validation issue in both Tip Info and AF Image Tool settings dialogs
- Fixed Simulate/Verify issue for measurements created using Vision Auto Feature
- Fxied Vision CAD Teach Complex 2D Measurement issues
  - Failed to create sufficient measurement points on certain curves
  - Generated target points were off when nominal and actual Ref. Frames were different
  - Picked Line may have wrong orientation plane
8. VBScript Enhancements
- Added ability to allow SFL programs to pass VB variables during Run
- Allows more program/report info to be retrieved using VBScript function
  - GetBatchRunNumber() returns total number of batch run
  - GetReportInfo() now support Profile and Best-fit xform values from Cloud-to-CAD and
    Cloud-to-Curve reports
9. Gear Enhancements
- Allows Gear Probe Path creation with non-calibrated tips
- Fixed software crash when running gear inspection program with graphical reports
- Fixed unstable behavior when a project containing gear reports was saved to program (.prg) file
10. DMIS Enhancements
- Fixed incorrect True Position tolerance calculation
- Fixed DMIS feature definition for FA() which should be converted to MCS
- Fixed "Cannot Compensate Probe" error when measuring point
11. Client Monitoring App Enhancements
- Added notification settings for: Program start/stop/error and Report OOT
- Addd Auto Refresh setting to Details view
- Added Probe Trigger & Rotation Cycles view
- Added visual indicator column to calibration, probe trigger and rotation cycle list views
- Allows to use Windows default authentication or user input credentials
- Fixed data validation issues in settings
- Fixed calibration report issues with Never calibration date and large number of tips
12. Other Enhancements
- [1] Added Program Group option to collapse or expand Program Database
- [2] Added new CAD Scan Cloud command to allow scanning any surface as cloud feature
- [3] Allows Recall of CAD Ref Frame in program
- [4] Allows range adjustment for circular plane numerically
- [5] Added option to "Hide/Show All Features" in Feature Database
- [6] Suppresses incomplete ref. frame warning during Operation Plan program running
- [7] Disabled "double click to exit application" behavior of System Pearl button
- [8] Updated "NIST_test.prg" to handle Windows locale and CMM-Manager versions
13. Driver Updates
- Deva DCC
          - Fixed: Deva camera on Deva controller failed to perform Auto Focus
          - Fixed: False "Machine Off" error when connecting to Deva controller on Aberlink CMM
- Faro Arm
          - Added support for the latest Faro USB driver and arms
          - Fixed: Faro Serial Arm could not calibrate tips on 64-bit Windows
- MCA-I / Garda Arm
          - Added 64-bit support
- Mitutoyo UC
          - Fixed: DCC parameters were not scaled to Scale Factor
- Pantec
          - Allows SP25 unknown scan's end zone size configurable
          - Fixed: System error 5040 upon connection on certain systems  
          - Fixed: SP25 rack change issue
- Romer RDS Arm (New)
           - Supports Romer Absolute Arm and Nikon MCAx direclty using RDS
- Starrett API-ISA
           - Fixed: DCC mode disabled after probe change
           - Fixed: Driver INI file missing from 64-bit installer
- Tomelleri Arm
           - Add support for Tomelleri arms using T-Core
- UCC Direct 2.0
           - Fixed: Vision AF command could not succeed without toggling DCC/joystick mode
- UCC I++
           - Allows overwriting machine limits and table height from I++ Sync
           - Added support for rotary table
           - Fixed: Knuckle tool configurations not matching in CMM-M
           - Fixed: PEM2 adapter configuration not matching in CMM-M
           - Fixed: Star probe tips syncing issue
           - Fixed: Block commands not executed correctly when total command number exceeded 500
           - Fixed: Cal. Sphere stalk direction not sync'ed correctly with UCCserver 5.8
           - Fixed: Batch tip calibration of tips not already in UCCServer failed to clear the sphere with UCC 5.7.2 and later
- zCat
           - Added support for the latest zCAT firmware for tool sync
14. Bug Fixes
- [1] QX PDF Writer did not show the file explorer window when printing
- [2] Exported DXF curves could not be opened in SolidWorks, NX, etc.
- [3] Construction of intersection point of Line and Circle may fail
- [4] Construct point by move the point along its normal vector created an incorrect vector
- [5] Path planning issues:
               - Could not create path with star probe in some cases
               - Could not create PH20 paths for cylinders with -Z axis in some cases
               - Could not create PH20 paths for OD circles in some cases
- [6] Tactile Complex 2D point generation didn't consider depth if CAD model contains curves only
- [7] CAD 3D Pick failed to identify cylinder/cone/sphere on some models
- [8] CAD Measure Cloud did not retain point labels from CAD Cloud
- [9] CAD Measure 3D not setting partial sphere range correctly
- [10] Newly created Edge/Angle Point measurement not keeping verified actual data
- [11] OD Ellipse measured with probe comp could have major and minor axes swapped
- [12] Preference "Use point order for line direction" did not work
- [13] Auto Feature on Arm would not take point after first feature was measured
- [14] First point incorrect on auto invoked measurement when machine axes were changed
- [15] Failed to create cross section curve on some closed/periodic NURBS surface
- [16] Failed to import points via ASCII file format with trailing spaces on data line
- [17] Number format in Excel output incorrect for European locale
- [18] Report header items did not display "&" correctly
- [19] CMM-Manager window could be off screen upon startup
- [20] The "Show Ruby Ball Only" display option was greyed out for non-spherical probes
- [21] Trigger sound settings not working for PC Speaker
- [22] PH20 tip lost inferred state after "View Detail" in Tip Manager
- [23] Sorting feature by name could cause software hang
- [24] Software crash when auto creating a Cloud-to-CAD graphical report with over 10,000 points
- [25] Software crash after deleting a feature being used by Edit Features tool
- [26] Software crash when viewing Report Angle Between operation in a program (.prg) file