Create text and graphical report document using intuitive dimensioning tools. After measurement, simply pick feature, assign tolerance, then drag-n-drop to place dimension in report document. Create graphical report views that display CAD, drawing, or actual part view along with report annotations for a visually compelling report document. Customize report header by adding images, and user prompted info such as serial or lot number. View, Print, or Save the report document automatically after inspection program execution.

Visually intuitive dimensioning tools

Reporting Highlights

  • Basic dimension tools include size, location, angle & distance
  • Form dimension tools include Flatness, Straightness, Roundness, Profile, etc.
  • ISO and ASME Y14.5 GD&T
  • Include hand tool measurements with user input dimension
  • Best-Fit and Form analysis
  • User customized report header
  • Real-time report data displayed in main graphics window

Save Report Data

  • Printer
  • PDF / HTML
  • Excel / DDE / CSV
  • Simple Text
  • QC-Calc
  • Data Page
  • Body in White (BIW)
  • Isolate out of tolerance reports
  • Overwrite, Append, or index filename automatically
  • Filename Suffix from unique user input such as serial number