Gear Inspection

Inspect Gears on any CMM

Add involute gear specific measurement and reporting to any DCC CMM. Use your existing CMM with Touch Probe to measure gears without a substantial investment in dedicated gear checking equipment. The CMM-Manager Gear Module features parametric definition of gear, built-in alignment routine, automatic path planning for all gear types, industry standard gear reporting, and raw measurement data export for integration to 3rd party software.


  • Lead
  • Profile
  • Pitch
  • Tooth Thickness
  • Runout
  • 3D Topography

Gear Types

  • OD Straight
  • OD Helical
  • OD Straight Bevel
  • ID Straight
  • ID Helical

Seamless Integration

CMM-Manager Gear Module is compatible with any DCC CMM using Touch Probe. Gear Inspection can be combined with traditional program including CAD Import, thus allowing general inspection, CAD Profiling, and Gear specific reporting in one program. It is also possible to export all raw gear measurement data for use in third party Gear Reporting software such as Involute Pro from Zeiss.