Automation Software

QxAutomation-Manager is a turn-key solution to interface between Ethernet based industrial automation hardware and CMM-Manager via Windows Application. Allows control of CMM-Manager application in typical industrial automation cell containing a robot and/or PLC. The automation application can launch CMM-Manager application, calibrate probe tips, send machine to safe load / unload location (home), launch inspection program(s), monitor program running status, monitor robot safe position, report errors from CMM-Manager, report pass / fail status of dimensional report and much more.

QxAutomation-Manager is designed to be easy enough for the end user to setup with their own collaborative robot yet comprehensive enough for an industrial integrator to work with their preferred robot or PLC. Integrations ranging from machine tending with a single robot to a full integration within a manufacturing cell is possible with our turn-key solution.

Available Ethernet Protocols

  • Modbus TCP/IP Server
  • Modbus TCP/IP Client
    • Traditional Modbus (Coils & Registers)
    • Modbus (Fanuc specific)
    • Holding Registers Only (Siemens)
  • Socket TCP/IP

Legacy Discrete I/O Support

Migrate easily from the legacy Nikon Metrology / National Instruments ioMonitor solution. We’ve created a turn-key solution to migrate from legacy discrete I/O (+/- 48v) to this modern Ethernet based solution.

CMM-Manager Automation Cell