Automation Software

Available turn-key solution to interface between Ethernet based industrial automation hardware and CMM-Manager via Windows Application. Allows control of CMM-Manager application in typical industrial automation cell containing a robot and/or PLC. The automation application can launch CMM-Manager application, calibrate probe tips, send machine to safe load / unload location (home), launch inspection program(s), monitor program running status, monitor robot safe position, report errors from CMM-Manager, report pass / fail status of dimensional report and much more.

Available Ethernet Protocols

  • Modbus TCP/IP Server
  • Modbus TCP/IP Client
  • Socket TCP/IP

Legacy Discrete I/O Support

Migrate easily from the legacy Nikon Metrology / National Instruments ioMonitor solution. We’ve created a turn-key solution to migrate from legacy discrete I/O (+/- 48v) to this modern Ethernet based solution.

CMM-Manager Automation Cell