Multi-Piece Reporting

Create multi-piece inspection reports easily using the built in DDE (Dynamic Data Export) Operation. Simply open a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and highlight the cells to populate with specified report characteristics. Each time the program runs, report data is sent automatically to Excel in the specified format. Includes option to overwrite new sample data, or offset by row or column. Combined with Batch Run the user can specify the layout and number of parts to be inspected, then leave the machine to run unattended.

Example MS Excel Multi-Piece Report
Batch Run Dialog

DDE Highlights

  • Powerful tool that allows you to control the export of report data to Microsoft Excel
  • Unlike saving the entire report to Excel, DDE exports just the data in any layout you specify
  • Choose Feature Name, Report Characteristics, Report Header Fields, and more for DDE export
  • Overwrite report data each time or increment by row / column

Batch Run Highlights

  • Allows user to control how many times the program executes
  • Options for static part location or user defined grid layout for unattended operation

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