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All CMM-Manager software releases

CMM-Manager What's New 3.9

3.9 Release

Version Date: 05/31/19 1. Improved Large 3D CAD Performance – Multi-threading for 20x faster CAD import – Faster Auto-Normal, Best-Fitting & CAD Editor – Faster open & save projects containing CAD 2. 3D Graphics Rendering Performance – Faster & Smoother display of large CAD – Less CPU demand due to GPU rendering – Updated OpenGL rendering – Use of… Read more →

CMM-Manager What's New 3.8

3.8 Release

Version Date: 07/27/18 1. True 64-bit Application – Installs 32-bit or 64-bit application based on Windows OS architecture 2. Updated VBScript Engine – Replaced old Cypress Enable engine with Microsoft Active Scripting Engine – Fully supports all official VBScript commands – Minor changes for VBScript syntax and commands: please refer to the updated VBScript Function Reference and CMM-Manager Forum… Read more →

CMM-Manager What's New 3.7

3.7 Release

Version Date: 10/18/17 1. SP25 Support on Mitutoyo ComUC Controllers – SP25 probe and scanning functionalities are fully supported 2. UCC I++ Full Synchronization – Full synchronization of probe heads, probe assemblies, tips, calibration spheres, machine limits, table position for UCC Server version 5.0.3 and above. – Configuration of probes is no longer required and allowed in CMM-Manager. -… Read more →

CMM-Manager What's New 3.6

3.6 Release

Version Date: 07/19/16 1. Nikon iNexiv / Vision Phase II – Improved UI / user experience for vision related tasks – Embedded lighting & zoom Controls – Allows batch changes of vision commands – “Go To Feature” function to quickly restore vision environment – Double click 3D CAD to move XY stage – New default vision UI layout -… Read more →

CMM-Manager What's New 3.5

3.5 Release

Version Date: 08/13/15 1. Nikon iNexiv / VMA Support – 3D Multi-Sensor Metrology Software support for Nikon iNexiv – 2D / 3D CAD Import – CAD Teach – Touch Probe and Vision Probe – Lighting ? Top, Bottom & Eight Segment Ring – Laser Auto Focus Z Depth Measurement – Rotary Index ? fully controlled with feedback loop -… Read more →

CMM-Manager What's New 3.4

3.4 Release

Version Date: 04/18/14 1. Language Support – English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese 2. Unified Nikon Metrology License / Dongle Support – All Nikon Metrology 3D Software Products now use a unified license and dongle – New features include: – [1] Network / Site License – [2] One Dongle for up to three software products (CAMIO, CMM-Manager & Focus)… Read more →

CMM-Manager 3.3 What's New

3.3 Release

Version Date: 03/21/13 1. Language Support – English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese – Unicode: no need to change locale to display some foreign languages, e.g. Japanese, Chinese 2. Path Planning Enhancements – Path Calculation Speed Improved up to 30x faster – Improved Path Efficiency – [1] Probe changes can occur places other than ceiling – [2] Blended moves… Read more →

CMM-Manager 3.2 What's New

3.2 Release

Version Date: 06/15/12 1. Language Support – English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese 2. User Interface Enhancements – Improved ribbon bar layout – Completed icon revamping – Allows customization of ribbon bar buttons – User can save/load custom layouts – Added Run controls to program database window – Master unlock edit setting allows to edit programs without unlocking dialog… Read more →

3.1 Release

3.1 Release

Version Date: 12/12/11 1. PH20 Enhancement – PH20 commands are now sent in blocks for faster execution – Added All Axes measurement type for most feature types to take advantage of head touch function where Fixed Quill measurement is not possible – Created dedicated PH20 user settings – Added support for fly mode to control blending of probing paths… Read more →

CMM-Manager 3.0 updated UI

3.0 Release

Version Date: 02/07/11 1. New Graphical User Interface – Ribbon bar style layout – New icons through-out – Highly customizable floating, docking and sliding panes – Fully customizable toolbars and shortcut keys – Transparent heads up display style DRO – Enhanced interfactive status bar with graphical tool tips – List / Toolbox task panel – Updated controls and dialogs… Read more →