Weekly Web Demos - 30 Day Trial

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Weekly Web Demos - 30 Day Trial

Post by US_Helpdesk » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:07 pm

CMM-Manager web demos are scheduled weekly at 11am EST (*Day is subject to change, please check the available demo dates on the registration page). The demo is scheduled to run for one hour but can last a bit longer if participants have questions, comments, etc. You can follow the link(s) below to join the online demo, audio can be accessed by Telephone, details will be provided after registering for the Webinar.

If you have specific application concerns, specific CAD model that you want to use, or want to see options like Gear, Vision, SP25 please let us know in advance so we can prepare and be sure the correct license / hardware is available for demonstration.

You can click below to register for any of our upcoming Web Demos:

Traditional CMM Demo

You may check the CMM-Manager YouTube channel to view some brief videos showing different capabilities of our software.

CMM-Manager YouTube Channel

Trial Request Page is here:

See us here - https://cmmmanager.com/trial/ or https://qxcmm.com/trial

Thank you,
The CMM-Manager Team
QxSoft, LLC.
Columbus, OH
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