How to do a batch run and keep the initial starting position

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How to do a batch run and keep the initial starting position

Post by medupriest » Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:07 pm

batch run.png
There are a couple of things to remember when doing this. If the first point in a program is a pattern recognition point, your program will resemble the image above.

No matter how the initial position is set, after your first program step that establishes an Origin for the first part in your array:

• Place your cursor at (highlight) the origin step in the program
• Go to the Alignment ribbon tab, select Save Reference Frame and check the box that indicates it will be a Fixture reference frame.
• Place the cursor above the set origin where the fixture reference frame was saved.
• Go back to the Alignment ribbon tab and recall the saved reference frame.
• Delete the program step that saves the fixture reference frame.

This way you recall an initial position, but you don’t save over it at each run.

• In the batch-run dialog, set it such that after the first run, it skips to below the program step that recalls the fixture reference frame (step 4 in this case), and set the remaining parameters for the batch run.
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