IGS Import issues

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IGS Import issues

Post by smudge611 » Fri Jan 24, 2020 3:02 pm

I have had this issue with different CAD files before, Depending on if Pre process is selected or not will sometimes determine if the CAD is imported correctly. As well it will determine if it has layers or not depending on which is selected.

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Re: IGS Import issues

Post by CMM Guru » Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:45 am

I'll try to keep this short and on-point.
If you do *not* use pre-process, and I'll use a STEP file (.stp) as the source for an example. CAD Converter (which runs "outside" CMM-Manager as a sub-process) does:

.stp > .iges using the options specified in the STEP options. Changing the STEP options may clean up your translation. (Try turn off things like FREE CURVES)

If you use PRE-PROCESS and, in particular, open the iges that was created in your CMM-Manager 3.x\Design directory, the options in the IGES options are used. So you HAD .stp > .iges, and now you have .iges > .iges run through a second round of conversion. Unfortunately, the 3rd party CAD kernal (from the company that makes CATIA) removes the layers when creating the iges this way.

So -- I would recommend trying various options in the STEP options and *not* do the pre-process first. Only use pre-process if you cannot fix your issue with the STEP options first. If you can supply the CAD file by sending the cmmmgr.nm@nikon.com or some other transfer method, I can take a look at what might be done to improve this particular import.