Fast programming measurement patterns using Transform

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Fast programming measurement patterns using Transform

Post by CrashN8 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:49 pm

Do you program parts with many repeating measurements such as hole pattern? You may have used CAD Teach Hole Pattern (see tutorial here) for quick Touch Probe measurement of circle features, however this doesn't work for features other than circle. The Transform Operation right click menu option allows you copy not only single feature but also groups of Operations including alignment, features, and reports. Here are the typical steps:
  1. Create one or more Operation in CMM-Manager Program
  2. Select all Operations you wish to copy / transform
  3. Right Click on selected operations and choose Transform
  4. In Transform Operations dialog choose the translation, rotation, number of copies, Ref Frame
  5. Click OK

Example 1 - Partial Round Slot Feature is repeated three times on the part. Use Transform Operations to apply Linear Translation and Copy multiple measured features. Two additional copies of Slot, Arc & Plane are created with 15mm spacing in regards to Current Ref Frame.




Example 2 - Vision measurement complete circle that is larger than camera FOV by repeating single point measurement multiple times around circumference of circle. Circular Rotation and Copy of multiple point features followed by Best-Fit Circle Construction. Measure single Vision Point using Projection Tool, rotate / copy 11 additional features with 30 degree rotational offset about current Ref Frame. Note that Ring Light direction will also rotate if Include Tip Angle in Rotation checkbox is checked.



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