Circular Cross Section TP Scan

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Circular Cross Section TP Scan

Post by US_Helpdesk » Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:20 pm

Most users are familiar with several cross section measurement methods in CMM-Manager - i.e. CAD Teach Complex 2D, Cross Section, Cloud, etc. Here is one example - 2D Cross Section

It is also possible to perform TP scans with other point distribution such as along edge and circular path(s) A common case could be a round part like a compressor wheel or fan blade where the user wants to scan points at a constant radial distance from center of part. Typically the scan would be created by creating a 2D planar cross section on the model or by using one of the CAD Teach methods mentioned above. In the case of a circular shaped scan there is a trick...

Begin by creating a circle measurement above the part. In this case I used Define (Teach) Circle. I created a circle measurement above the irregular surface on the training block. Notice the number of points and Range adjust can be used to distribute points as needed.
After the feature has been added to program, use Construct Raw Data to create a Point Cloud Feature from the circle measurement.

Now Right Click on the new Cloud feature in the Feature Database and choose Add to CAD.
Once the Cloud is added to CAD open the CAD Editor and use the Drop Points to CAD option to place the nominal points on the nearest CAD surface. Note - you can specify the direction the points are dropped or Auto Project to nearest CAD surface(s)
Finally, use CAD Teach Cloud and pick any of the points from the newly added nominal Cloud. You will now have points that are arranged in a 2D circular pattern on an irregular 3D shape.
See attached Project File... Enjoy ;)
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