Random Placement Vision Program

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Random Placement Vision Program

Post by medupriest » Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:21 pm

If you would like to measure parts with random placement using vision. The attached program will allow you to set an origin for all parts on the stage using the cross-hair tool, and will then execute the part program at each specified location.

Just replace the prompt with the part program which should start from each origin.

The cross-hair tool can be replaced with pattern recognition as well.
Random Placement.zip
Program is for 3.8SP1 or a later version.

To run with your program, first you will need to set your first origin. Open step #7 in the program, go into the Commands tab, move your cross hair to your initial starting position, and select "Use Current" and select OK. This origin should be the point at which you want to locate each part. Record the values in X,Y, and Z.
Open up the Construct Point Operation (step #12). Enter the recorded values into the X,Y, and Z for the point construction.
Write the rest of the program below the prompt, and delete the prompt step. The program will prompt the operator how many parts they would like to measure. The operator can then set the number of specified origins and the program will execute from each set origin.
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