Identify Sharpe32 vs. Leitz controller

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Identify Sharpe32 vs. Leitz controller

Post by US_Helpdesk » Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:12 pm

The Sharpe 32, Shrp32z, Leitz protocol controllers can be packaged in a similar unit and not easily distinguished. Here are several ways to identify Sharpe 32 vs. Leitz protocol:

1. Check communication settings in current software
  • - Sharpe: COM 1 4800 E 7 1 // com interface (port,baud,parity,data,stop)
    - Leitz: COM 1 9600 N 8 1 // com interface (port,baud,parity,data,stop)
2. Check for Downl.oad or Syspar configuration file on existing system
  • - Sharpe: Either Downl.oad or Syspar (older systems) will exist on the PC (see install guide for location)
    - Leitz: All config is stored on controller there should be no config file stored on local PC
3. Use Hyperterminal
  • - Start Hyperterminal, and press Ctrl+ECB.
    - If it is Leitz protocol, it should display “Ready”, and further command can be issued, e.g. “TESTSOFT”
4. Check cable connection
  • - Sharpe Protocol
    • a. dongle on "Servo Key" connector
      b. RS232 cable on H1J0 (DB9 female)
      c. RS232 cable on H2J0 for Renishaw PHC 9/10
    - Leitz Protocol
    • a. no dongle
      b. RS232 cable connected to DB9 male connector next
      to "Servo Key" connector
If system is Sharpe32 see this install guide -

If system is Leitz see this install guide -
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