3.10 (ten) Release

CMM-Manager support SP25 with Pantec / Wenzel, DMIS, VB Scripting
Pantec / Wenzel SP25, VB Scripting, DMIS enhancements
Version (three point ten)
Date: 07/31/2020

1. Language Support - English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish 

2. CAD Importer Support: 
Spatial 3D InterOp Release 2020

The following formats and their versions are supported: 
* ACIS R1 ? 2020 1.0 
* CATIA V4 4.1.9 - 4.2.4 
* CATIA V5/V6 V5 R8 ? V5/6 R2020 
* DWG 2.5 ? 2020 
* Inventor V11 ? 2020 
* JT JT 8.x, 9.x, 10 and 10.2 
* NX NX 1 ? NX 1872 
* Parasolid 9.0.x?? 31.1.x 
* Pro/E 16 ? Creo 6.0 * Solid Edge V18 ? SE 2020 
* SolidWorks 2003 ? 2020 * STEP AP203, AP214, AP242 
* VDA-FS 1.0 ? 2.0 

3. SP25 Support on Pantec Controllers - SP25 probe and scanning functionalities are fully supported 

4. PH20 Enhancemetns - Various PH20 path planning enhancements and fixes - Improved simulation of PH20 head touch and 5-axis move motions - Updated preferences UI for PH20 path creation option "Use best tip" 

5. Report Enhancements 
- Added Pass/Fail status to report header and allow access from VBScript or Pipe 
- Added program run time to report header - Improved loading speed of project containing large CAD model in graphical report 
- Improved execution speed of program containing large number of report operations 
- Added option to save in-tolerance reports only to the main output directory
- Added support for vertical scrolling on report view with touch gesture 
- Auto set Disc or Spike mode when adding Cloud-to-CAD or Cloud-to-Curve to graphical report 
- Allows selection of .xls and .xlsm file in addition to .xlsx from DDE Operation 
- Fixed Min, Max & RMS dev missing from form and best-fit RPT output 
- Fixed CAD surface Label not updating in graphical report when view was manipulated 
- Fixed new graphical report text box not using selected font 
- Fixed moving any report item to very top would create a corrupt custom report 
- Fixed duplicate line/surface profile report items after feature renaming 
- Fixed crash when DDE ouput to non-supported Excel sheet type, e.g. Chart Sheet 
- Fixed multi-line notes not saving properly in Excel or CSV 

6. DMIS Engine Enhancements 
- Improved and more robust DMIS parser 
- Improved DMIS Editor and Dmis Program Window 
- Added line number to program display - Replaced with a more user friendly font 
- Added mouse wheel scroll support - Auto scrolls to the error line on syntax error 
- Fixed issues with RMB menu commands, Ln/Col number update, break point toggling 
- Improved sensor handling 
- Tip availability is checked before program running instead of at runtime 
- SNSLCT allows selecting tips from different probe assemblies, and supports auto probe change if probe rack is configured - Improved error handling in program running especially for motion errors 
- Added support for ARC feature type 
- Added support for CRNOUT and TRNOUT tolerances 
- Allows BF construction from point buffer of one or more features 
- Improved DATSET handling of secondary axis and use of plane feature for origin 
- DMIS program execution now starts from current CMM-Manager ref. frame to allow using CMM-Manager built-in alignment tools for initial datum creation 
- Fixed AUTO mode path collision for OD circles 

7. Rotary Table Enhacements 
- Addes support for manual rotary table either with or without encoder 
- Added partial calibration routine to allow quickly re-establishing table center that may have shifted due to poor machine homing repeatbility 
- Fixed issue with table calibraion routine in DCC mode when current ref. frame was not MCS 

8. Installer Update 
- Replaced InstallShield installer with WiX installer 
- Improved installation logging 
- Fixed issue with blank DRO and measurement counter due to font installation 

9. Other Enhancements 
- Allows programmed Batch Tip Calibration to run across I++ and other controllers 
- VB Script editor enhancements: 
- resizable, updated font, Ctrl+A and Tab support 
- Allows specifying order for Hole Pattern measurement - CAD Teach Complex 2D
- Allows picking a plane to define curves 
- Made Depth and Increment persistent 
- Fixed auto sorting curve sequence in Pick Start Curve 
- Fixed Ctrl+LMB function in Define Curve Sequences 
- Added new construction types - point from circle / plane - Added graphical feature prompt for vision measurements 
- Added ability to view changes of preferences from default values 
- Added more options for Create CAD Curve from Cloud 
- Added an Auto CAD Surface Normal option for spherical rays from centroid 
- Added Form Error column to Tip Manager and make all columns sortable in both ascending and descending order 
- Added option to save tip summary after batch tip calibration ? Allows to run program from DCC CMM on portable arm 
- Allows to use numeric point labels for imported points via ASCII file format
- Clarified probe change message to prompt for the expected probe by name 
- Remember Adjust Path setting for Cylinder and Cone features 
- Display warning message at bottom of main graphics window when GDI Generic renderer is detected. 

10. Driver Updates 
- API ISA card - Added 64-bit support for ApiServer configuration only 
- Faro Arm - Added support for probe auto detection 
- Hexagon RC controller - Fixed occasional protocol authorization error 
- I++ 
- Fixed probe sometimes rotating to A0B0 between tips during batch calibration 
- Fixed possible collision with cal. sphere during batch tip calibration 
- Fixed manual probe head support 
- Fixed probe sync issue with star stylus holder "M2 CENTER SWIVEL" 
- Nikon iNexiv - Set minimum touch backoff distance to 0.1mm per controller spec 
- Pantec Controller - Added support for SP25 probe 
- Added PHC and joystick support via ethernet 
- Renishaw UCC Direct 2.0 - Added support for thermal compensation 
- Improved error handling 
- Zeiss C99 - Added PHC to Zeiss controller option to Machine Setup UI 

11. Bug Fixes 
- Calibrate Gear Tips should not create duplicate tips that already exist 
- Parameter validation check for internal gear was incorrect 
- Gear properties dialog with new gear not converting units correctly initially 
- Navigating program list using arrow keys would leave previous path highlighted 
- Save Image using EDF option did not work with Inch units 
- Save Image should not check vertical or horizontal range for single image 
- Unable to create tip set with fixed A = 0 or B = 0 
- Nominal values shift after Datum Alignment in program run 
- The minimum size of the search area of pattern search tool was affected by the image zoom factor 
- Existing custom tool not flushed from memory when tool was edited in UCCServer 
? Software crash when reporting a cloud with fewer actual points than nominal 
- Copy & Paste may cause software issue when a Get PA OPO was auto added 
- Software crash due to Loop Operations naming issue 
- Operation Plan path planning issue when last measurement operation had path locked 
- Restore default values for some Preference settings were not correct 
- Transform with rotation did not change 2D feature projection plane 
- Auto orientation plane calculation may be wrong with "Show Live Results" option 
- SP25 scan path creation may cause software crash when it failed to generate paths 
- Probe head mount calibration routine did not update ref. tip offset immediately 
- VB MsgBox or Form in SFL mode may be hidden behind main window 
- Failed to connect to Virtual CMM when default port is used by another application