3.9 Release

ISO GD&T, UCC Direct 2.0, Improved Rendering and Large CAD Import
Date: 05/31/19

1. Improved Large 3D CAD Performance
- Multi-threading for 20x faster CAD import
- Faster Auto-Normal, Best-Fitting & CAD Editor
- Faster open & save projects containing CAD

2. 3D Graphics Rendering Performance
- Faster & Smoother display of large CAD
- Less CPU demand due to GPU rendering
- Updated OpenGL rendering
- Use of Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs)

3. Added Support for ISO Standard GD&T
- User setting for ISO or ASME GD&T
- Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Angularity
- Symmetry, Concentricity, Runout
- Position, Profile

4. Vision Enhancements
- New CAD-teach Edge Point
- DCC Re-measure for faster joystick programming
- Save composite image output after Image Stitching
- Set Runtime images as Graphical Report background
- New Max Focus Point image tool
- VBScript variable from Light Value Tool
- Manual Optical License for Measuring Microscopes and Optical Comparators
5. Robot / PLC / Automation
- Error reporting & recovery allows improved unattended operation
6. Other Enhancements
- Allows to reset default values in Preferences
- Added CAD importer options editor
- Allows keyboard trigger in lieu of probe or footswitch
- Allows "Find Program" to search entire content of VBScript
- Added preference for 2D SP25 Probe Comp
- Added option to prevent using negative (-) A tip angle in auto path
- Changed behavior of report tolerance indicator
- Allows Free-Position Alignment for manual system
- Speeds up loading time of projects containing long program 

7. Language Support
- English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish

8. CAD Importer Support: Spatial 3D InterOp Release 2019
- The following formats and their versions are supported:
* ACIS R1 ? 2019 1.0
* CATIA V4 4.1.9 - 4.2.4
* CATIA V5/V6 V5 R8 ? V5/6 R2018
* DWG 2.5 ? 2019
* Inventor V11 ? 2019
* JT JT 8.x, 9.x and 10.0 - 10.2
* NX NX 1 ? NX 12.0.0
* Parasolid 9.0.x ? 30.0.x
* Pro/E 16 ? Creo 5.0
* Solid Edge V18 ? ST11
* SolidWorks 2003 ? 2019
* STEP AP203, AP214, AP242
* VDA-FS 1.0 ? 2.0

9. Driver Updates
- Faro Arm
  - 64-bit driver would not connect
- Helmel USB controller
  - 64-bit driver would not connect on some systems
- Hexagon Leitz / RC controller
  - Use proper settings based on controller type selection in machine setup
- I++
  - Allows to select I++ server type from controller page of machine setup
- iGPS
  - Added support for iGPS G6 probes
- Mitutoyo UC Controller
  - UC400 controller may get unexpected touch during tip angle change
- Pantec WPC Controller
  - Software would not connect to external PHC10-3 on cold start on some systems
10. Bug Fixes
- Slot image tool produced is outside of the FOV if the slot is wider than FOV
- Probe comp for SP25 Scan 2D Cloud could be in the wrong direction when
  point density is high
- F5 button not working for feature re-measure during SFL program running
- Some preference settings do not stay set after exiting CMM-Manager
- NM PDF Writer is interacting with the Windows printer driver incorrectly
- Exported alignment file (.mtf) is not correct
- Software crash during execution of a mirrored program with the append 
  program option
- Cone angle display in Report Feature dialog doesn't follow angle formats
  set in Preferences
- Selecting "Create Path" after the original path generation from Hole Pattern
  dialog with PH20 causes the points to be deleted
- Export Raw Data as CSV with IJK does not work
- Software crash when opening map component in Create Error Map utility
- CAD/Report window states are not restored properly on some systems
- DRO flickering issue
- Relative Measurement option for CAD Teach Line is missing on manual CMMs
  and portable arms
Version (SP1)
Date: 08/23/19

1. Vision Enhancements
- Added laser scan option to CAD Teach Vision 3D on NEXIV
? Added nominal raw data to CAD Teach vision feature
- Reset Tool Position command will retain the grid of multi-point Vision AF tool
? Made multi-point Vision AF tool parameters sticky
- Fixed non-stopping for Vision Edge Profile when using large step distance
- Fixed cropped display issue for simulated live video when image view was scaled 
  below 100%

2. Reporting Enhancements
- Displays Shrink Factor on report up to 10 decimal precision
- Allows Shrink Factor to be set from VB variable
- Fixed missing legend on new graphical report
- Fixed "Always Visible" setting for disk deviation display on graphical report 
  at runtime
- Fixed missing images for report when saved as MS Excel
- Fixed missing last page for manually printing report when default printer was PDF

3. Rendering Enhancements
- Improved CAD surface rendering using Frustum Culling
- Fixed missing 2D elements with some Intel graphics adapters
- Displays system OpenGL driver info on the About dialog
4. Other Enhancements
- Allows circular range adjust for point locations on PH20 plane
- Allows resizing of Status Bar in SFL
- Added option for Rotate Rotary Table to suspend Align Part operation
- Added VB variable support for GoTo operation
- Improved mirroring of program containing CAD based alignment
  - Added new user option to specify un-mirrored CAD axis

5. Driver Updates
- Deva DCC
  - Did not handle 3D circular move correctly for RTP20 probe
- Nikon iNexiv / Nexiv
  - Increased maximum touch speed to 5mm/sec
- Nikon LK/NMC
  - Fixed error 5000 on NMC100 controller when connecting
- UCC I++
  - Software might hang when attempting to sync a large number of tip
    orientation with UCCServer
  - Displays warning when I++ Sync with UCCServer times out
6. Bug Fixes
? Get Tip commands in PH20 program failed to mirror in certain cases
? Some view helpers no longer shown after cancelling a mirror operation
- Inconsistent compensation direction of constructed line from cloud data
- "Reverse Comp Dir." on Bestfit Line/Plane dialog might not update properly
- Create Tip Set should validate angle intervals
- Notes did not display correctly in graphical report if the first column was too small.
- Circle feature dialog showed wrong header description during tactile scanning
- Importing an IGES file without entity for CAD Point caused software to crash
- Feature preview did not display during Plane-Line-Circle Alignment
- Gear Graphical Report should not allow editing otherwise it may cause crash
- Ref. frame was reset to machine if rotation flag was removed from a pattern
  rec point used in Align operation
- Guided measurement cloud lost probe radius info after program run
Version (SP2)
Date: 11/22/2019

1. Renishaw UCC Direct Driver 2.0
- Removes the need of user interaction with UCCserver
- Probes, tip calibration and change racks are all managed within CMM-Manager
- Improves speed performance and exchangeability with other systems
- Limitation: SP25 and PH20 are not supported (must use I++ driver)

2. Driver Updates
- Mitutoyo MAG Box
  - Fixed connection issues caused by GPIB address settings
- Nikon iNexiv / Nexiv
  - Fixed video feed error on VMZ-R system with XGA BW camera
- Renishw I++ UCCserver
  - Fixed syncing issue of Deva camera
  - Fixed syncing issue of custom disc styli
  - Fixed syncing issue of hemisphere styli
3. Bug Fixes
- Multiple Excel instances after saving Excel report
- Pressing F5 (for re-measure) during program run would cause VB Syntax error
- Cloud-To-CAD Alignment would not recalculate after unselecting points if the
  cloud name contained lower case letters
- Cloud-to-CAD Reporting without bestfit option would generate large deviation 
  if the CAD surfaces had been used in a previous Cloud-to-CAD reporting operation 
  with bestfit option