3.6 Release

iNexiv Phase 2 updates and SP25 scan filtering
Date: 07/19/16

1. Nikon iNexiv / Vision Phase II
- Improved UI / user experience for vision related tasks
  - Embedded lighting & zoom Controls  
  - Allows batch changes of vision commands
  - "Go To Feature" function to quickly restore vision environment
  - Double click 3D CAD to move XY stage
  - New default vision UI layout
- Extended CAD teach capabilities
  - Point, Plane, Cloud, Slots, Arc, Complex 2D
  - Relative measure for 2D features
  - Allows range adjust
- Extended Image Tools
  - New Projection tool
  - Enable scan direction toggle for linear tools
  - Multi-Point vision auto focus
  - Pattern recognition / search & train Image
- Enhanced edge detection / edge threshold
  - Direct access to edge threshold settings from Ribbon bar
  - Added Absolute Maximum and User Pick options
  - Allows separate positive and negative edge thresholds
- Auto light intensity function
- Unknown 2D cloud measurement / edge tracing
- 1.5x objective lens support
- Added variable support for nominal feature location of vision measurement
- Improves Vision AF repeatability

2. Reporting Enhancements
- Supports up to Microsoft Excel 2016
- New Datum Alignment report output
- DDE output reduced writing time to Excel file
- Allows single axis true position for Point and Sphere
- Report note is now included in fly-by results window
- Normal Parallel option is now the default for report distance between two lines
- Profile Report tile now includes feature name
3. Path Planning Enhancements
- Updated PH20 model accuracy for improved reach
- Allows SP25 range adjust for Arc

4. SP25 Enhancements
- Added dedicated SP25 Define & Scan Arc function
- SP25 tip calibration now uses user defined colatitude angle
- All SP25 measurement will generate nominal raw data

5. Alignment Enhancements
- Free Position Alignment takes into account vision tool placement
- Added option to auto runtime align part with Set Origin for Vision
- Added a CAD synchronization indicator to status bar

6. Gear Enhancements
- Added left hand helix gear support
- Allows to measure an internal gear with a boss above the gear
- Improved gear graphical report

7. Other Enhancements
- [1] Added multi-Copy option to Transform
- [2] Allow alphanumeric sorting of programs in SFL tree
- [3] Added prompt to clear report at beginning of Operation Plan execution
- [4] Best Tip from CAD 3D is extended to include irregular surfaces
- [5] Allows editing operation plan after it has been created
- [6] Removed restriction that a shank be smaller than the tip
- [7] Added variable name support for constructed features
- [8] Added Home Rotary Table command

8. Language Support
- new - Czech and Italian
- English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish

9. Update to Spatial 3D InterOp Release 2016 1.0.1
- The following formats and their versions are supported:
* ACIS R1 ? 2016 1.0
* CATIA V4 4.1.9 - 4.2.4
* CATIA V5 V5R8 ? V5?6R2016
* CATIA V6 V6 R2016x
* Inventor (.ipt) V6 - V2016, (.iam) V11 - V2016
* Parasolid 9.0 ? 28.0
* Pro/E 16 ? Creo 3.0
* SolidWorks 2003 ? 2016
* STEP 203, 214
* Unigraphics NX 1 ? NX 10
* VDA-FS 1.0 ? 2.0
10. Driver Updates
- Nikon iNexiv
  - Out of limit stage moves will no longer be executed and error will be reporte
  - Allows to home when probe is detached
- I++ Driver
  - Supports UCCsuite software V5.0.3 
- Helmel USB
  - Fixed: Small moves were not executed
  - Fixed: Probe may not trigger after running a long period of time
- Zeiss
  - Allows using RDS/DSE head in either Zeiss or Renishaw head convention
- Mitutoyo MAG
  - Added GPIB command delay
- Newmark Rotary Table
  - Improved rotary table communication control

11. Bug Fixes
- [1] Tolerance in Report Position would reset after selecting a Datum Feature
- [2] Cloud-to-Cloud profile max / min deviation were using absolute values
- [3] Zoom All should not include CAD Furniture
- [4] Renaming a point extracted from a cloud could cause crash
- [5] Status Bar did not close or refresh properly from Layout menu
- [6] Vision measurement issues when nominal and actual ref. frame were different
- [7] Surface display mode could not be changed
- [8] Possible software crash when double clicking Calibrate button on SP25 ref. 
      tip calibration dialog
- [9] Unable to create PH20 paths when CAD teach a line not on XY plane
- [10] Dimension tools in graphical report may cause software crash when feature 
       was added, deleted or status changed       
- [11] Construct Define nominal values could change after re-opening the dialog
- [12] Software crash when picking an invalid surface for Cross Section base plane
- [13] Software crash while doing a Measure & Scan of a circle without CAD
- [14] Software would not start up after switching license
- [15] Probe tip display was not smooth in INCH mode
- [16] Mirroring not working properly with Runtime Align Part, Sync Part Ref. Frame
       and Report Composite Position
- [17] The "Show Location Tolerances" option in Report Position was not saved    
- [18] Show / Hide flag was not persistent in CAD Editor
- [19] Batch run report header didn't update correctly
- [20] Align or Level may not take effect if the axes were already very close
- [21] Point order of raw data for circle could change after being extracted
       with Apply probe comp option 
Version (SP1)
Date: 02/28/17

1. Driver Updates
  - New manaul interface support, available in both USB and PCI versions
- LK Driver
  - Fixed probe touch vector issue on older firmware (9312)
- Sheffield SMP
  - No DRO update after connection on some controllers
- Zeiss C99
  - No DRO update and wouldn not home intermittently on older firmware
- Deva Manual
  - Could not change scale resolution from Machine Setup
- Faro Arm
  - Added option to allow connection retry for Faro Gage

2. Filter for SP25 Scan Features
- UPR filter for Circles
- Linear filter for Lines / Planes
- Standard deviation elimination filter
- Can be used with SP25 scan measurement directly or best-fit construction
3. Vision Enhancements
- [1] Added All Matches option for Pattern Recognition to allow multiple
      point measurement with single execution
- [2] Improved edge profiling speed at run time
- [3] Slot tool scan direction not uniform
- [4] Ring light orientation not updated correctly after Rotate Transform
- [5] CAD taught point value not updated after Verify
- [6] Multi-Point Vision AF Z axis value not correct
- [7] Inconsistent vision tool location when switching between Circle and Arc
- [8] Improved implementation Of DCC pause before data collection
- [9] Removed ribbon tab auto switching behavior when switching between Image
      Window and Main Graphics Window
- [10] iNexiv specific
    - Added Laser AF Threshold setting to allow using higher value to improve
      Laser AF performance on highly reflective surfaces
	- Added edge thresholds setting for Pixel Resolution Calibration, and the
	  same value will also be used for Parcentricity Calibration
	- Improved error message during calibration
- [11] Other cameras
    - Added Deva 036 Vision Probe to Probe Assembly component list
	- All vision moves will be 3D when running program if Deva camera is mounted, 
	  regardless of alignment status

4. Improved Offline Vision / Image Inspection
- Allows programmable import of static images
- Added preference to auto collect vision tool for offline
- Allows for unattended inspection of images from external source such as:
	- 2D X-Ray Images
	- Vision Systems ? Large FOV, ShuttlePix, 3rd Party

5. Enhancements
- [1] Auto save fixture reference frame at table centerline after rotary table 
      calibration, to facilitate programming parts held on rotary device
- [2] Added "Always Visible" option in Deviatio Disk Display Settings to allow
      showing disks even if behind CAD surfaces
- [3] Added RTP20 locking lever offset setting to help prevent RTP20 pole 
      over-travel / deflection
- [4] Added "Large Probe Offset" setting to probe rack to allow additional
      clearance motion for large probes like Laser Scanner or Deva Vision Probe

6. Bug Fixes
- [1] Mirroring Operation:    
	- Software crash when using append option
	- Offset Align was not mirrored
	- Cloud Report was not Mirrored
- [2] I++ PH20:
    - Measurement counter delayed count down due to unnecessary communication
      with I++ server
	- Sometimes program wouldn't run due to probe radius not being set
	- Calibrated start probe showing as non-calibrated in CMMM
	- Eliminated unnecessary tip change motion during tip calibration	
- [3] Negative (-) CAD thickness for Cloud to CAD Report didn't work properly
- [4] Prevented crash when using DMIS Editor
- [5] Construct Circle Tangent to 2 lines gave wrong result upon running program
- [6] Program (PRG) files not added to recent file list
- [7] Could not open Program (PRG) files from recent file list
- [8] Lower case "w" was disabled for feature renaming
- [9] Closing certain driver comm log window may cause software crash
- [10] Load User View did not work when Vision window was active
- [11] CAD Alignment result box might be empty when running program
- [12] Copying and pasting a feature sometimes produced a feature of same name
Version (SP2)
Date: 05/18/17

1. Driver Updates
- Improved driver Log Manager utility
  - Log Manager is now accessible from Start Menu Program list
- Sheffield manual
  - Trigger point not detected when there was controller error
- Nikon iNexiv
  - Could not set DCC move speed less than 0.5 mm/sec
- Nikon NMAPI
  - Updated to support NMAPI 4.4
  - No longer compatible with previous versions of NMAPI
- I++ Driver
  - Out of limit move after tip calibration in INCH mode
  - Sync with I++ didn't work properly with knuckle tips
2. Vision Enhancements
- [1] Multi-Point Vision AF
      - Allows multi-point Vision AF to be used in Contrast mode in addition to 
        Surface mode
      - Allows more flexible pattern creation for multi-point Vision AF
      - Allows multi-point Vision AF to succeed if 50% or more points are collected
- [2] Allows DCC vision program to run on manual machine
- [3] Vision CAD Teach All Circles / All Lines will now create automatic operations
      for DCC machines
3. Other Enhancements
- [1] Allows user to change file path for programmed Import Point operation
- [2] Skip pre-check of tip availability before program execution if Load Probe / Tip
      command exists in program

4. Bug Fixes
- [1] DRO window could disappear when two or more graphics windows were open
- [2] Constructed best fit planes had larger dimensions
- [3] Collision might happen when moving from Port 4 to Port 5 during ACR3 calibration
- [4] DMIS SNSDEF() and SNSSLCT() do not allow UCC Server naming convention
- [5] Vision CAD Teach Complex 2D - actual feature not updated after verify
- [6] Could not use enter button on handbox to interact with prompt for batch run
- [7] Y coordinate inverted within FOV for Vision AF measurement
- [8] Partial run outside an infinite VB Script loop caused the software to hang