3.5 Release

Nikon iNexiv support and PDF / QC-Calc Report output
Date: 08/13/15
1. Nikon iNexiv / VMA Support
- 3D Multi-Sensor Metrology Software support for Nikon iNexiv 
- 2D / 3D CAD Import
- CAD Teach - Touch Probe and Vision Probe
- Lighting ? Top, Bottom & Eight Segment Ring
- Laser Auto Focus Z Depth Measurement
- Rotary Index ? fully controlled with feedback loop
- Automatic Probe Changer

2. Deva 036 Camera Support
- Digital USB Camera for CMM Retrofit
- 3 Mega-Pixel Color Camera
- 16 White LED Ring Light
- PH10M Compatible

3. Vision Enhancements
- Implemented more robust edge detection and blob algorithms with user preferences
- Unified lighting control panel; Associates lighting parameters with video tip
- Allows 3D alignment and measurement by measuring surface points with Vision AF
  or Laser AF tools
- Display camera FOV in main graphics display to facilitate programming
- Implemented double-click function on image view to move stage
- Made Save Image to file command programmable
- Added a vision specific Add Move operation
- Added a unique mark to Crosshair image tool to indicate it's at image center
- Allows obtaining Auto Focus score using VBScript: GetAFScore
- Improved vision driver
  - Added Video Capture Filter and Pin property buttons in Machine Setup to 
    allow direct access
  - Supports RGB24 and RGB32 formats for generic DirectShow compatible cameras  

4. Reporting Enhancements
- Allows editing report directly from report view using double-click
- Allows direct PDF export
- Allows direct QC-Calc export for foreign language users
- Allows using two datums for Total Runout
- Allows variable definition of report notes
- Default Report window is now saved with UI layout
- Color bar legend will always be shown for disc display in Graphical report 
  even when form deviation is 0
5. Support of CAD Furniture
- Allows to permanently import and locate CAD elements into software workspace  
  for Probe Racks, Cal Sphere, Fixtures etc.  
- Furniture participates in Path planning / Collision Avoidance
- Easy movement of entities between CAD Furniture and CAD Part	

6. Language Support
- English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish

7. Update to Spatial 3D InterOp Release R25 SP1 HF21
- The following formats and their versions are supported:
* ACIS R1 ? R25
* CATIA V4 4.1.9 - 4.2.4
* CATIA V5 R8 ? R24 (V5?6R2014)
* CATIA V6 V6 R2014x
* Inventor (.ipt) V6 - V2015, (.iam) V11 - V2015
* Parasolid 9.0 ? 27.0
* Pro/E 16 ? Creo 3.0
* SolidWorks 2003 ? 2014
* STEP 203, 214
* Unigraphics NX 1 ? NX 9
* VDA-FS 1.0 ? 2.0

8. Other Enhancements
- [1] Allows removing operations from Operation Plan after creation
- [2] Allows using a previously created alignment for Gear measurement
- [3] Sets smaller default Chord Height Tolerance and make it persistent
- [4] Allows live deviation for CAD taught / DCC measured points
- [5] Improve default settings for CAD import
- [6] Added support for Tesastar-i-M8 probe
- [7] Allows not to add temporary approaching path when verifying a DCC path
- [8] Added stretch, fit for image options in Prompt operation
- [9] Tip Manager window is now resizable
- [10] Allows constructing features from Clouds measured by SP25 offline
- [11] Translate and Rotate include transformation details in program line
- [12] CAD Ref. Frame symbol is shown by default
- [13] Added option to include stylus with ruby ball in probe display
- [14] Allows setting start up view of main graphics in Machine Setup
9. Driver Updates
- NMC / LK Controller
  - Lock up issue during program run
  - After unexpected touch, could not move the machine with joystick
  - Hang during initial startup connection with SP25 probe on
- I++ Driver
  - [1] Added SP25 gasket scan
  - [2] SP25 cylinder scan would not run if cylinder axis was parallel to 
        machine X axis
  - [3] PHC setting in driver INI file could cause hang
- Leitz Controller
  - Added Ethernet and error comp settings in Machine Setup
  - Approach distance may be overwritten by backoff distance
- Pantec WPC 
  - Approach distance may be overwritten by backoff distance 
- iGPS
  - Surveyor Simple Status bar did not update on probe/frame change
- IMUSB box
  - Could not connect on non-US Windows system  
- Helmel ProCounter III
  - Fixed trigger latching issue
- Tutor P
  - Problem with registering points
- Tutor M
  - Problem with registering points
  - Handles foot switch trigger

10. Bug Fixes
- [1] Custom tool bar position was not relative to the active display
- [2] No "Quick Calibration" option in SP25 batch calibration
- [3] Display > Window > Tile Vertical and Horizontal did not work
- [4] DDE Preview didn't work if last saved report file path was no longer valid
- [5] Large amounts of unused inferred PH20 tips were created in I++
- [6] Use PH20 inferred option should be disabled for cylinder styli
- [7] CAD surface or layer color got lost when switching display mode or saved 
      to IQCAD format
- [8] Shop Floor Launcher DRO was always in Machine Ref Frame
- [9] Cylinder fitting may yield invalid result with negative diameter
- [10] When exporting fixture alignment file it defaulted to the last fixture 
       reference frame created
- [11] Relative measure on a manual machine / arm would still ask for measuring
       3 points even if a 4th plane was selected
- [12] Circle Form was output incorrectly on Feature Report
- [13] MACHINE ref frame could be changed / overwritten
- [14] Customer Data was not added to Data Page or BIW reports
- [15] Construct bestfit 2D line could yield wrong result
- [16] Error with calculating reference length of cylinder for true position
- [17] Selecting an Inch program after a metric program would change decimal 
       places to Metric program
- [18] Off-line Simulation of Cone and Cylinder Scan may crash
- [19] Cloud to CAD report min/max dev color issue when teaching a program 
       with no deviation
- [20] Number of days was shown as %d in maintenance contract expiring message
- [21] Program summary with path shown, only reported to 3 decimal places       
- [22] Could not change DCC or PH20 settings from program tree if any 
       parameter was out of range
- [23] Calculation of best tip when using PH20 as PH10 may be wrong for circles
- [24] Report Cloud nominals from previous project were not imported correctly 
       in 3.4
- [25] RTP20 did not index to AxxB-180 under certain circumstances
- [26] Registry permission was not set properly on non-English OS
- [27] A0B0 tip was not selected properly after batch tip calibration
- [28] Using joystick to add move did not show the command in Add Move dialog
- [29] Could not variable named feature for DDE output
- [30] T value got reported with Report Cloud when the option was not selected
- [31] Software crash while doing CAD Measure Cloud on a manual machine
- [32] Images were missing for MCR20-3 calibration dialog(s)
- [33] PH20 measurement not possible with (+) depth
- [34] Software crash when copying portion of program that contains DDE
- [35] Failed to locate RTP20 pole with Deva controller
- [36] Transparent DRO wouldn't show / update if main graphics is not the 
       active view
Version (SP1)
Date: 11/06/15

1. Updated Controller Support
- Added support for Deva 037 USB encoder interface via a unified driver that 
  also supports other Deva PCI/PCIE manual interface

2. Vision Enhancements
- [1] Fixed inconsistent lighting control issues
- [2] Improved error handling for Vision AF and Laser AF
- [3] Fixed issues with relative measure and CAD 2D line picking when Z axis
      of part ref. frame is not aligned with machine Z axis
- [3] iNexiv specific
    - Added "No Probe" option for Probe Assembly to allow using vision without
      touch probe being attached
	- iNexiv Cross Calibration routine could not be aborted, and may also cause
	  software to crash
- [4] Other cameras
    - Inhibit touch probe automatically for Autojoint mounted Deva camera
    - Added Z axis measurement in offset calibration routine

3. Enhancements
- [1] Allows to use Gear module with I++
- [2] CAD furniture should not contribute to clearance height for path planning

4. Bug Fixes
- [1] Mirroring Operation:    
	- CAD model is no longer changed to LH coordinate system after mirroring, so
	  all CAD related operations can function properly in mirrored programs
	- Rounding error of mirrored program tip angles
	- Restoring a mirrored program should not delete preexisting Furniture
- [2] I++ PH20:
    - Status bar now shows actual angles instead of Non-Calibrated for inferred tips
	- PH20 inferred calibration could not be disabled when creating a new tip
- [3] View or save report as PDF will default to the last device selected as printer
- [4] Re-arm probe on iNexiv would cause CMMM to crash
- [5] Moving program cursor during Align Part would disable temporary features
- [6] Sphere / Cylinder setting for guided measure was not persistent 
- [7] Bestfit plane didn't show form error in the Feature Report
- [8] Software would crash when performing CAD Teach Cloud if auto reporting was on      
- [9] Graphical report size got reduced each time after it was opened
- [10] DDE of feature tolerance may get changed to a geometry output of a 
       different feature