3.4 Release

IGES import with layers and Live Deviation in Run Mode
Date: 04/18/14

1. Language Support
- English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese

2. Unified Nikon Metrology License / Dongle Support
- All Nikon Metrology 3D Software Products now use a unified license and dongle
- New features include:
  - [1] Network / Site License
  - [2] One Dongle for up to three software products (CAMIO, CMM-Manager & Focus)
  - [3] Softlock Option ? no dongle required

3. Update to Spatial 3D InterOp Release R24 SP2 
- The following formats and their versions are supported:
  * ACIS		R1 ? R24
  * CATIA V4	4.1.9 - 4.2.4
  * CATIA V5	R6 ? R23 (V5 ? 6R2013)
  * CATIA V6    V6R2014x
  * Inventor	(.ipt) V6 - V2014, (.iam) V11 - V2014
  * Parasolid	12 ? 26.0.151
  * Pro/E		16 ? Creo 2.0
  * SolidWorks	2003 ? 2014
  * STEP		203, 214
  * Unigraphics	NX 1 ? NX 9	
  * VDA-FS		1.0 ? 2.0
4. Improved IGES Import
- CAD Layer Support
  - [1] Options to show / hide and include / omit for Path Planning
- IGES import healing option
  - [1] Automatically fix surface trimming  
5. New DCC Tip Calibration Options
- Spend less time calibrating probe tip angles
- All DCC Tip Calibration options now include:
  - [1] Calibrate One Tip 
  - [2] All Tips
  - [3] All New Tips 
  - [4] All Tips Required for Current Program  
6. More Batch Run Options for Multi-Part Fixture Arrangements
- In addition to linear part arrangement / spacing, now rectangular grids 
  can be specified
- Specify number of rows / columns of parts and spacing
- Optionally, specify angular offset for offset rows / columns  
7. Enable Live Report in Run Mode
- After Program Execution any Measured Point(s) will be compared to CAD
  automatically if Live Report Preference is enabled 
8. VB Script Variable Defined User Notes
- Allows more flexibility for parametric program including User Notes
- User Note Report text can now be assigned via VB Script variable

9. Enhanced Global Security Settings
- Prevent unauthorized program and software changes
- Globally assign permissions including:
  - [1] View, Modify, Run, Load and Save Programs
  - [2] Change Preferences
  - [3] Option for password protection

10. Automatic Help Desk File Export
- Spend less time looking for files
- Single button click to export all files required for Help Desk submission

11. Other Enhancements
- [1] Multi-Touch graphics manipulation support for Multi-Touch displays
- [2] Included Nikon?s Focus style graphic manipulationso 3D Orbit and 2D Rotate
- [3] Official Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 Support
- [4] Microsoft Excel 2013 Report & DDE Output
- [5] Added Profile of Point for DMIS execution
- [6] Allow reporting of Cone Half Angle as well as current Full Angle
- [7] Add IJK ouput for all applicable features in the Feature Report
- [8] Include Cloud Name for Imported Point Clouds
- [9] Added an option to not show location tolerance info in True Position report
- [10] Added threaded hole option to Teach Bolt Pattern
- [11] Allow prompt for Customer Data of Batch Run before program execution
- [12] Improved Zeiss rack calibration on-screen instruction
- [13] Improved best tip selection in path planning
- [14] Added all-inclusive environment import / export
12. Driver Updates
- LK Controller
  - [1] Error Map initialization error when file path is not set
  - [2] Cannot recover from unexpected touch error
  - [3] Estop error message not being reported immediately by CMM-Manager
- Pantec Controller
  - [1] Internal position window for moves is set to 1mm which is quite high
  - [2] Add option to enter max move and measure acceleration in IQWPC.ini file
  - [3] Retract distance change is not applied until a probe default is created
  - [4] The stop button of CMMM doesn't stop the move of the CMM
- Baces3D Arm
  - [1] Ignore error 21 loss of communication error on Baces Arm
- Robocon controller
  - [1] Shows out of limit error on the first measurement command
  - [2] Repeated warnings to go into DCC mode on nearly every move and just 
        about after every touch
- UCC Direct Driver
  - [1] Fails to rotate probe if HCU is connected and no errors are reported
- Zeiss C99  
  - [1] Will not perform the retract move after reaching the home position
- CMMC Controller
  - [1] Error 706 command specification error with CMMC-1
- ComUC Controller
  - [1] CMMM crashes on connect
- Helmel ProCounter II Box
  - [1] Fail to connect
- Helmel USB Controller
  - [1] Not detecting out of limit error for S_Measure command
- Deva DCC driver
  - [1] When calibrating all tips, the motion sometimes will not start
13. Bug Fixes
- [1] Add Move dialog did not update from Cartesian to Polar when the DRO
      state was changed
- [2] Cannot select 2nd circle from cylinder / sphere intersection construct
- [3] CMMM may crash when picking points on CAD with manual license
- [4] CAD Thickness Property does not handle (-) negative values in reporting
      and alignment operations
- [5] Update Path Planning program database right click option was confusing
- [6] Extra moves in path for round slot using PH20 with mixed fixed quill and
      all axes commands
- [7] CMMM may crash when creating complex 2D path
- [8] Plane best-fit may fail if center of plane is at (0,0,0)
- [9] DDE Preview didn't work on new install
- [10] Add Move shows position in machine ref frame
- [11] CAD Alignment Results Box not displayed at program run time
- [12] Mirror probe of A0B0 gets mirrored to A0B90
- [13] Best Tip selection is off by 7.5 degrees
- [14] Constructed point location changes during programming
- [15] When import an IGES, the ID/OD flag of certain cone feature may be incorrect
- [16] Software would crash when fitting projection plane for 2D feature failed
- [17] When the names of two probe assemblies (Tools in UCCServer) are similar, 
       the tips in CMM-Manager and UCCServer goes out of sync
- [18] "Out of Memory" error when opening a saved project due to chord height
       tolerance handling
- [19] Cannot execute a saved manual vision program
- [20] CMMM crashes on request of a probe calibration with french version
- [21] feature display and feature name are out of sync after deleting and
       re-creating features
- [22] "Feature Type" in .rpt report still shows when preference is set as OFF
- [23] Modifying the name of a pointcloud reporting crash CMM-Mgr
- [24] Construct plane, normal of actual plane may be flipped
- [25] Plane construction (thru a point normal to a plan) may result in invalid plane
- [26] PH20 path creation failed when there is large difference between actual and 
       nominal ref frame
- [27] Data Page output for GD&T outputs actual (0.0) instead of deviation
- [28] During calibrate all probes (across all probe assemblies), CMM move is 
       commanded while probe head is still rotating
- [29] Software crashes / hangs when Delete Boxed is used from CAD Editor
- [30] Cylinder best-fit result may be wrong under certain circumstances
- [31] Construct plane, actual and nominal features may be different when there
       are multi solutions
- [32] Failed to Export data to Excel when a program run is complete
- [33] Remove 333 probe limit in CMES res file import
Version (SP1)
Date: 07/07/14

1. Updated Controller Support
- Add support for Helmel ProCounter III manual interface box

2. Enhancements
- [1] Add option to changle color of individual CAD layers
- [2] Add PH20 mode support for CAD Measure Cloud
- [3] Allow to change global PH20 settings within a program
- [4] Allow range adjustment tool to use full circle range for SP25 Scan Arc

3. Bug Fixes
- [1] Options are not sticky for Report True Position
- [2] PH20 offline machine settings do not match online settings
- [3] True position of point not supported in DMIS
- [4] IQCAD does not import to the center of the machine
- [5] Partial Run clears the already generated report
- [6] Unit in graphical report of gear inspection data is not correct
- [7] Project becomes corrupt when adding features to cad
- [8] Point features are not highlighted when selected from feature list or used
      in Construction
- [9] Absolute Coord Deviation does not calculate correctly
- [10] With UCC Server block mode on, sometimes CMMM is not stoping when UCC is
       in an error state
- [11] When re-visiting a constructed feature, actual and nominal features may have
       opposite directions
- [12] Tip storage in registry won't migrate properly if there are unexpected 
       sub-keys under "TipList"
- [13] Any 10 digit part number is converted to "2147483647" in report header
- [14] Preferences > General Permissions > Change Preferences becomes unchecked when
       you cancel the Preferences dialog
- [15] Unchecking "Overwrite DCC Parameters" option in PH20 measurement dialog 
       will not remove PH20 tab
- [16] Sometimes cannot perform DCC measurement with Tutor driver