3.3 Release

SP25 Scanning with I++ and CAD Display enhancements
Date: 03/21/13

1. Language Support
- English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese
- Unicode: no need to change locale to display some foreign languages, e.g. Japanese, Chinese

2. Path Planning Enhancements
- Path Calculation Speed Improved up to 30x faster
- Improved Path Efficiency
   - [1] Probe changes can occur places other than ceiling
   - [2] Blended moves for OD circular features
- Added New Path Planning Preferences
   - [1] Dynamic Tip Changes
   - [2] Circular / Blended Moves
   - [3] Avoidance Zone
- More Useful Message / Prompt for Failed Paths
- Show Paths for All Selected Program Operations
- CMM volume is included in collision detection / avoidance

3. Handheld / Portable Enhancements
- Immediate Form / Fit Deviation: 
   - [1] For Measured Features
   - [2] For Best Fit Alignments
   - [3] Displayed in Flyby Window
- Live Deviation Enhancements:   
   - [1] Display Deviation of CAD Points as well as Surfaces
   - [2] Display (+/-) Deviation instead of Absolute Deviation
- Allow out of Sequence Point Measurement for Point Clouds
- Allow selection of iSpace / iGPS Active Frame from Status Bar
4. Reporting Enhancements 
- T Deviation ? Option to Report Point / Cloud Normal Deviation Only 
- Extensive tools for curve and point management
- Allow In / Out of Tolerance Reports to be Saved in Unique Locations
- Added DataPage+ ? Report Output

5. CAD Display Enhancements
- Option to automatically Display CAD as Wireframe on Rotation, Pan and Zoom
   - [1] Improves CAD Manipulation for Large CAD Model
- Mouse / Web Wheel now Zooms on Cursor Location not Screen Center

6. Probe Rack Enhancements
- Allow use of all compatible Renishaw probe racks and components 
   - [1] ACR3, FCR25, MCR20, SCR200 
   - [2] All SP25 components
   - [3] Auto-Joint Extension Bars
   - [4] User setting to adjust nominal rack port locations
7. Gear Module Enhancements
- Added Internal Straight and Spiral Gear
- Report ? Lead, Profile, Pitch, Tooth Thickness, Runout, 3D Topography

8. Automatic Teach / Run Mode Selection
- Automatically switch to Teach Mode when editing operation in Run Mode 
   - [1] Eliminates extra mouse clicks to edit a program while in Run Mode
9. SP25 / I++ Enhancements 
- SP25 support for I++ / UCC Server 
- Improved Tip Calibration for SP25
   - [1] Improved path for quicker calibration
   - [2] Controller dependent parameter control ? touch speed, backoff, approach and deflection
10. New Controller Support
- Baces3D Articulated Arm 
- BIG 3D Creator

11. Driver Updates
- Zeiss C99 driver will not record some DCC touch points
  [1] Fixed cases where valid touch points were previously ignored
- Zeiss C90 and Sharpe2 driver - fixed unexpected program stopping during execution
- Deva 3D CMM false trigger is latched after Probe Rotation
  [1] Reset Trigger Status immediately after successful Probe Rotation
- Add WiFi and Bluetooth options to supported Articulated Arms in addition to USB and Serial connections

12. Enhancement
- [1] Added BestFit Construction Open, Square and Round Slot    
- [2] Added a utility for calculating probe mounting vectors 
- [3] Enhanced Picking ID Sphere for CAD Teach Measure 
- [4] Added Variable definition of BestFit Alignment XYZ Points
- [5] Allow immediate measurement of Start, Dir & End Points for unknown Touch Probe scan
- [6] Enhanced inside sphere (and possibly partial outside sphere) CAD Teach Picking
- [7] Allow retaining features measured from initial run during batch run
- [8] Include Dimension Name in runtime prompt for User Defined Dimension
- [9] Allow "Setting" Active Probe from Probe Assembly Dialog
- [10] Add option to update tip angle(s) in the Transform function
- [11] Improved Mirror Program function to allow use of PH20 probe
- [12] Allow re-calculation of CAD Alignment, Bestfit Alignment, Cloud-to-CAD Alignment, Leap Frog results with selected points

13. Bug Fixes - I++ Interface
- [1] Prevent negative A angles with PH10
- [2] Tip Angles are not locked to 7.5 degrees with PH10
- [3] Fix Crash on scan CAD line
- [4] Scan parameters are now initialized to a default value
- [5] Allow a "programmed" tip calibration with PH20
- [6] Allow sending I++ command blocks over 62K
- [7] Now guard against using reserved I++ tool names like "RefTool", "NoTool" and "BaseTool" for probe assembly names
- [8] Prevent inferred calibration with PH10
- [9] Fixed Probe Selection - Name is changed after sync
- [10] Fixed inability to set some scan parameters from client / CMM-Manager
14. Bug Fixes
- [1] Fixed Crash when running empty "move command" list 
- [2] Added VB Script Variable Recall of Feature Name for constructions - i.e. @MyFeatureName
- [3] Prevent constructed features from using illegal feature name
- [4] Fixed Crash when selecting RANGE for a sphere
- [5] Fixed intermittent connection crash with iGPS 
- [6] Fixed Cloud to CAD Alignment results in a crash
- [7] Fixed Head Touch, move and accel settings when Running PH10 programs on a PH20 machine 
- [8] Measured Points and CAD were out of sync in Form graphical report
- [9] Disable use of negative A Angles for all PH20 move and touch points
- [10] Reduced time required to shut down CMM-Manager application
- [11] Prevent VB execution when marked as Disabled in Program Database
- [12] Fixed Auto Zoom for Prompt settings in Shop Floor Launcher
- [13] Fixed MIH probe length definition
- [14] Fixed Wrong Solution on some Best Tip for CAD 2D/3D Feature(s)
- [15] Prevent Software crash when connection to Surveyor is lost or Surveyor is shut down
- [16] Eliminate Lag During Tactile scanning due to beep duration / timing
- [17] Allow multi-line notes to be displayed in printed IQ format report
- [18] No longer guard against disabling Save Fixture Ref Frame
Version (SP1)
Date: 09/04/13

1. Updated Controller Support
- Add Ethernet Support to Pantec Eagle Controller
- Support Surveyor 2.1 "minified" Position Update Method
- Add Support for Automatic Retry of Missed Touch Point on Zeiss C90 Controller

2. Improved Probe Tip Data Management
- Only write current tip data to PC registry after single tip calibration

3. Improved Graphical Report CAD View
- Prevent mis-aligned CAD Model by disabling feature normal vector estimation

4. Bug Fixes
- [1] Fixed Default File Path for new Out of Tolerance Report Properties 
- [2] Use of Locks in Cloud to CAD Alignment no longer reverts Machine Ref Frame
- [3] Fixed Software Crash caused by Batch / Partial Run with Save Ref Frame
- [4] Fixed Non-Adjusted Path for Relative Measure Feature(s) in Block Mode
- [5] Fixed Bolt Hole Execution for PH20 / I++ Interface
- [6] Fixed Line Tangent to Two Circles Construction (maintains orientation related to input features)
- [7] Removed Header Lines from DataPage+ Report Output
- [8] Fixed "Dataport contains no points" error on Verify Feature with I++ Interface
- [9] Fixed 4th Plane / Relative Measurement Flag (did not stay checked after modifying operation) 
- [10] Fixed Issues with Importing, Measuring and Reporting Clouds
       - Fixed update of nominal value when feature is re-named
       - Crash when picking Cloud from graphics on CAD Teach Cloud
       - Crash when constructing points from clouds if feature name is invalid
- [11] Fixed Zeiss C99 Controller issues
       - Corrected Ethernet Communication issue
       - Touch Point not Recorded in Zeiss firmware V 20.18
- [12] Fixed Unicode Issues (non-human readable characters in messages)
       - Causing Crash with DMIS Execution
       - Unreadable Error Messages with MCAII Interface
       - Unreadable Firmware Version Message with Nikon iNexiv Interface
- [13] Fixed Path Planning Issues
       - Points were not created on Some Complex 2D Curves with PH20
       - Path Planning Ignored Conical Stylus / Shoulder on 6P Stylus