3.1 Release

Date: 12/12/11

1. PH20 Enhancement
- PH20 commands are now sent in blocks for faster execution
- Added All Axes measurement type for most feature types to take advantage of 
  head touch function where Fixed Quill measurement is not possible
- Created dedicated PH20 user settings
- Added support for fly mode to control blending of probing paths
- Allows to overwrite PH20 parameters within each individual measurement
- Improved probe/tip synchronization with UCC Server
- Improved system error reporting and recovery
- Refer to PH20 User Guide in Help folder for detailed instructions

2. New Spatial CAD Importer
- Unified CAD importer solution from Spatial for all Nikon applicaiton software
  (Note: Datakit CAD importer is still supported in parallel)
- STEP and VDA becomes standard in addition to IGES and DXF
- CAD importer option is integrated into CMM-Manager license code, and can be
  enabled for demo/trial licenses 
- CADLink component needs to be installed separately for all CAD formats
  other than IGES and DXF
- CADLink v21 is built with Spatial InterOP Release R21 SP2, and it supports:
  * ACIS	R4 to R21
  * CATIA V4	4.1.9 to 4.2.4
  * CATIA V5	R2 to R20
  * Inventor	11 to 2010
  * Parasolid	12 to 23
  * Pro/E	16 to Wildfire 5
  * SolidWorks	98 to 2010
  * STEP	AP203 & AP214
  * Unigraphics	11 to 18, NX1 to NX7.5	
  * VDA-FS	Up to 2.0

3. I++ Interface Enhancement
- Added full support for PH10 probe system
- Added support for thermal compensation
- Allows multiple probe assemblies by default

4. Shop Floor Launcher Enhancement
- Allows to load and run a program in SFL through command line
- Allows to access Tip Manager from SFL with manual license
- Prompt will be suppressed if the prompt content is empty

5. View Manipulation Settings
- Added unified configuration for all Nikon metrology software
- Added legacy Focus and Camio configurations
- Allows the use of Right Mouse Button only command

6. Slimmed down version of CMM-Manager for Focus Handheld
- Launched by Focus as a Tactile Module
- Contains Feature tab only for tactile measurement
- Uses Handheld API driver
- No desktop shortcut, program menu, license check

7. New Controller Support
- Nikon iNexiv: for touch probe only
- Zeiss C98 controller
- Deva 004 PCI controller

8. Driver Updates
- Leitz controller
  [1] Added support for DEA wrist head
  [2] Added support for TCP/IP protocol
- Caliper PCI Card
  [1] Allows to change axis assignment for Caliper PCI driver
  [2] Fixed probe compensation direction issue                      
- Handheld API
  [1] When coordinate data is unreliable, e.g. device at end stop, DRO window 
      will stop updating and indicate the state
- MCC200 controller
  [1] Software might lock up after an unexpected hit
- CMMC-1 controller
  [1] Connection error when firmware version is older than 49
- LK200 controller
  [1] Trying to rotate probe before homing would cause communication error
- C90 controller
  [1] Added option to ignore joystick collision error from controller
- Robocon controller
  [1] Communication issue due to timing

9. Enhancement
- [1] User prompts/messages will fit in the status bar by auto
      font resizing and line wrapping
- [2] Added option to extract raw data with probe compensation
- [3] Added option in Auto Save Results to auto save Program Summary after
      each program run
- [4] Allows user to input length for all supported features in Report 
      Parallelism, Perpendicularity and Angularity 
- [5] Allows DDE output for composite position report
- [6] Made background color of edit boxes in dialogs more distinguishable:
      editable v.s. read-only
- [7] Moved "Sync with I++" command to main ribbon bar
- [8] Added option to export 2D CAD curves to DXF file
- [9] Allows keyboard shortcut for Pin (Ctrl+R) and Unlock (Ctrl+E) commands
- [10] Changed the file open common dialog back to being sizeable
- [11] Improved user interface to modify rack angle in machine setup
- [12] Probe head list in machine setup is alphabetize for easy selection
- [13] Changed default working values for DCC parameters to optimal/reasonable
- [14] Allows JPEG image import for offline vision inspection
- [15] Moved user note location from below to above each report item in the
       RPT report output
- [16] Allows an entire SP25 SM/SH assembly to be put in one port of FCR25
- [17] Improved robustness of IGES import
- [18] Changed default "Auto Select Last Created Features" option to true
       only for portable localizers
- [19] Changed the default "Auto Sync CAD" option to true for all devices

10. Bug Fixes
- [1] Create 2D CAD Curve from points was too slow
- [2] Graphical view is maintained when changing unit
- [3] Hand cursor would disappear when moved over hyperlinks in About dialog and
      Check Update dialog in Windows 7 system
- [4] There was no warning when there were not enough target points and user
      tried to verify or simulate the paths
- [5] Auto feature report not working with Measure Hole Pattern
- [6] Verified points of Touch Probe Area Scan should not be probe compensated
- [7] Message boxes were not modal in certain operations
- [8] Measure Auto 2D Feature would not work correctly after an external feature
       was selected as orientation plane
- [9] Software would crash if there was CMM error when homing prompt dialog was
       up and user selected to disconnect the machine 
- [10] Shop Floor Launcher DRO window popup menu "Show Transparent" would bring 
       up the regular DRO window
- [11] When CMM-M auto started UCCserver, and the CMM wass not homed, the prompt
       to home dialog wouldn't stay on top
- [12] Report Perpendicularity, Parallelism and Angularity for cylindrical zone
       would yield larger than expected results due to consideration of form
- [13] Tip and probe assembly would go out of sync if collision occurred during
       a Get Tip command and user selected Ignore.
- [14] Software would crash when creating and running an Operation Plan if the
       first selected operation was an empty Add Move/Get Tip command
- [15] When verifying, one-axis only move would move to the three-axis position
       of the start point
- [16] Angle reporting format Deg/Min/Sec applied to non-angle type items, e.g. 
       Distance Between report item
- [17] Add 5 axis move did not auto update A/B angles
- [18] PH20 probe head speeds weren't converted correctly in unit change
- [19] Probe display would shift upward in Z axis by an addition probe length
       at every connect/disconnect with Virtual CMM or I++ offline
- [20] TP20 module was modeled 1mm shorter than Renishaw spec
- [21] 3D Measure picked plane sometimes didn't match the CAD plane orientation
       in plane X, Y axes
- [22] The Verify button was grayed out when revisiting Touch Probe Scan 
       operations if the interface was locked
- [23] In some measurement dialogs, if a verifying measurement was cancelled,
       the Verify and Simualte buttons would be grayed out even if the dilaogs
       were unlocked
- [24] Crash when trying to interset two tangential circles
- [25] Display of CAD curve tolerance band was incorrect in graphical report
       if the curve was a composite curve
- [26] Crash at end of connection with I++ driver in Chinese version
- [27] No text in License Agreement dialog in localized versions
- [28] Show/Hide Windows popup menu displayed in English in localized version
- [29] Construct Points from Cloud sometimes would not allow picking of Cloud
- [30] Dev. labels could be partially blocked by CAD display in graphical report
- [31] Crash when changing Full Circle option in DCC Re-measure Circle
- [32] DCC parameters always reset to hard-coded default after software was
       shut down and restarted
- [33] Auto Feature 2D: auto end didn't work properly with Auto Feaure Report
- [34] Touch Profile Scan dialog field showed weird characters
Version (SP1)
Date: 02/24/12

1. Concurrent release of CADLink 21 SP1
- Optimized CAD importer options
- Installs prerequisites for Parasolid import

2. Language Support
- Added language packs for Chinese, French, German and Japanese

3. Bug Fixes - I++ Driver
- [1] Significantly reduced sync time with I++ server when large number of tips
      are defined in I++ server. 
      Example sync time for a full set of PH10 probe orientations (720) has been 
      reduced from 6 minutes to 10 seconds.
- [2] Warnings and prompts were shown twice when syncing with I++ server
- [3] Homing message remained after cancelling home with I++ server
- [4] Default tool parameters might be sync'd with the incorrect tool
- [5] PH20 head commmands were sent when using PH10

4. Bug Fixes - PH20
- [1] Couldn't auto create right tip for slot features when using PH20 as PH10,
      hence path creation would fail
- [2] "Use PH20" option may be changed when deleting next measurement operaton
      in a program
- [3] When creating a 2D or 3D cloud with "Use PH20" option, the cloud nominals
      were not created
- [4] Collision detection may not be accurate for moves between head touches
- [5] Forcing to use fixed B angle didn't work for features with orientation
      vectors close to -Z axis
- [6] Edge Point and Angle Point didn't work due to change to block mode
- [7] Link path didn't work if "current tip & local path" was selected
- [8] PH20 with Star Probe:
      - [1] Didn't send change tip command to UCCServer when a different stylus
            of star probe was selected
      - [2] When switching from a non-star probe to a star probe, the active tip
            in CMMM might differ from UCCServer
      - [3] Tip Manager did not indicate calibrated status of a star probe
      - [4] Should not allow "Fixed Quill" option for star tips other than
            index 0 (down)

5. Bug Fixes - Drivers
- [1] Helmel USB:
      - DCC search distance not taking effect
- [2] Mitutoyo CMMC:
      - GPIB timeout errors (EABO) after updating to faster computer
- [3] Robocon:
      - Handled scenario when controller does not send move complete status
- [4] Zeiss C99:
      - Failed to take DCC touches
      - Joystick touch probe vector not reliable
      - RDS probe angle update not reliable
      - Connection lost when ethernet communication timed out
      - Did not warn if the servo was off on attempt to home 
      - Added speed and acceleration settings for re-homing

6. Bug Fixes
- [1] Resource leaks causing crash after long program running 
- [2] Software would crash on attempt to go online with certain drivers if 
      driver was not properly installed 
- [3] Software would crash when unit was changed from status bar with Vision 
      display window was active
- [4] Software would crash when importing certain CAD files
- [5] Software would crash when creating paths for hole pattern failed and user
       still clicked OK and then CANCEL
- [6] Software may crash when loading a program file from Shop Floor Launcher
- [7] Probe change to a tip with zero diameter was not detected in HHAPI driver 
- [8] When defining a tip, B angle of RTP20 probe was limited to -90 ~ +90
      while it should be -180 ~ 180
- [9] Auto Expand of Feature Database option was not working properly
- [10] Tip Management was exceptionally slow when number of tips was large
- [11] Shop Floor Launcher did not work in Japanese version
- [12] Failed to import Parasolid models on Windows XP SP2 due to missing
       VC++ 2008 runtime redistributable for CAD importer
- [13] Printing report would print the entire report regardless of pages selected
- [14] If File Location settings in Preferences contained invalid folder path, 
       when trying to exit CMMM an error message "an unnamed file contains an
       invalid path" would display and couldn't exit
- [15] Verify path may command a wrong move at beginning
- [16] Unneeded clearance move at end of Relative Measurement when using 4th 
       Plane option
- [17] Improved calculation of CAD Best Tip
- [18] When using two racks, need to roate probe to specified angles for each
       rack before storing/loading as they may be different
- [19] "Use safe pos btw ports" option in Probe Station dialog was only available
       for MCR racks; now it is enabled for all racks