3.0 Release

New Graphical User Interface
Date: 02/07/11

1. New Graphical User Interface
- Ribbon bar style layout
- New icons through-out
- Highly customizable floating, docking and sliding panes
- Fully customizable toolbars and shortcut keys
- Transparent heads up display style DRO
- Enhanced interfactive status bar with graphical tool tips
- List / Toolbox task panel
- Updated controls and dialogs

2. PH20 Probe Head Support
- Utilizes "head touch" probing to measure points by moving only the probe head
  rather than the entire CMM structure
- 5 axis blended moves - elimates traditional probe indexing
- Easily convert existing CMM-Manager programs by a single command
- Option to create inspection paths as a traditional "PH10" probe head, by
  automatically finding best tip angles based on CAD or defined gemoetry
- Supported with UCC controller through I++ interface
- Features supported with auto path planning include Circle, Cylinder, Cone, 
  Sphere and Plane

3. Enhanced Dual Monitor Support
- Tear away tabs allow docking of Report, Live Vision / Video view, or Database
  panels on second display

4. Launch Focus with Alignment Export
- One toolbar button to launch Focus application with user selected reference
  frame automatically transferred to Focus workspace seamlessly

5. New Controller Support 
- I++ DME interface
- Nikon iProbe 1.1

6. FCR25 Rack Enhancement
- SP25 module is no longer required for TP20 to be used with FCR25 rack
- If there is a common component between two probe assemblies, e.g. SM25-1, 
  the common component will no longer be put away and loaded back when changing
  probe assembly
- Entry height could be wrong previously depending on module type

7. Report Enhancement
- Added support for Excel 2010
- Added option to start leader line of a dev. label from end point of the spike
  in a graphical report

8. Construct Enhancement
- Define to Construct Point / Line / Circle /Plane operations are integrated
  into respective Construct Toolboxes
- Added user preference to auto select last created feature(s) applicable for
  current Construct operations

9. Other New Commands
- Added Reset Windows command to restore position and size of all display
  windows to their defaults
- Added Translate and Rotate view commands to the view toolbar
- Added Mouse Mode button in status bar to enable or disable mouse mode for 
  supported arm devices

10. Enhancement
- [1] Added display of direction arrows for scanning paths of Cylinder, Cone and
      Sphere features
- [2] Added preference to auto expand Feature Database
- [3] Added preference for dialog location and auto moving out of the way of 
      expanded panes
- [4] Units button in status bar now directly changes units 
- [5] Added Portuguese (Brazil) to language selection menu

11. Bug Fixes
- [1] Points extracted from a cloud could have wrong names and cause access error
- [2] If preference option for "Group by Surfaces/Curves" was not enabled, dev. 
      I-J-K would not be output to report
- [3] When creating cloud-to-CAD graphical report from feature database, Auto
      Arrange may not work properly for the first time
- [4] RPS Alignment may crash in singular cases
- [5] RPS Alingment configuration check might not be right if OK buton was
      selected directly without using Preview first
- [6] In live report, label backgroud color and disk color sometimes didn't match
- [7] "2D Feature Location" option in CAD Teach 2D Joystick measurement could
      not be changed if there was no raw data
- [8] Form Error of a sphere feature displayed in the fly-out result box could
       be wrong in certain cases
- [9] Ref. frame constructed from datum features in Report Position might be
      incorrect for YZ and ZX plane
- [10] DDE dropdown list selection of report item would select the wrong item
       when revisiting the dialog interface in Teach mode
- [11] System resources could run out when many graphical reports containing
       dev. labels were created and opened
- [12] Star probe with no straight down tip (Index 0) could cause system to crash
- [13] Initial alignment created through seperate Level-Align-SetOrigin steps
       could be flipped at run time for Arm application due to nonrepeatable
       part orientation in machine reference frame; this can now be corrected by
       setting Program Running user preference
- [14] GetProbeAssembly command would fail for SP25+FCR25 set up, if there was 
       an extension between PH10 and SP25, e.g. PEM1
- [15] Creating and running an operation plan on Manual CMM could crash
Version (SP1)
Date: 02/25/11

1. Bug Fixes - PH20
- [1] If UCCServer was started by CMMM, active tip syncing was not correct
- [2] Tool paths linking two circles might not be right when using PH20
- [3] Some PH20 related functions and commands were not enabled in offline mode
- [4] Approach path may not be right when Verifying paths

2. Bug Fixes
- [1] The DRO did not appear upon new installation
- [2] Taskbar/Desktop icon/Outlook lockup when CMM-Manager was running
- [3] Some drivers may fail to load due to missing VC6 Redistributable
- [4] Toolbar on the Report Window in Shop Floor Launcher was missing
- [5] Software would crash at end of program run if report was set to be opened
      or printed in RPT format
- [6] When CAD Shading was set to Yellow, the CAD surface could no longer be
      picked or queried from the graphics display
- [7] Feature availabiilty status was not auto updated if feature database was
      separated from program database
- [8] For MCAII arms that were not turned on, a blank message box would appear
      when trying to connect
- [9] Excel 2010 support was not updated
- [10] Font registration may fail during installation
Version (SP2)
Date: 05/11/11

1. Enhancement
- Added support for Japanese language

2. Bug Fixes - PH20
- [1] When launching UCC Server from CMM-Manager during connection, UCC Server 
      interface may become foreground window, and block the Homing message box
- [2] If 5-axis Move was created as the first command of a measurement, Verify
      function would execute it as a Get Tip followed by a 3-axis move
- [3] Auto path creation for external cone feature: Start and End points were 
      not along the axis of the cone
- [4] Handled ChangeTool failure on "No Calibration Plane available" error from
      UCC Server
- [5] PH20 Vector Touch / Head Touch might not be registered during feature Verify
      or program running due to the "Time interval between Probe Change and next 
      valid trigger" setting in user preferences (default is 1000ms)
- [6] Point measurement data was too perfect, due to a rounding issue in a 
      third-party component for I++ driver

3. Bug Fixes - Drivers
- [1] iProbe:
      - Fixed issue with tip change detection (including zero diameter tips)
      - Fixed issue with tip name containing spaces, comma and other delimiters
      - Fixed issues in connection when Surveyor is running on a different PC
- [2] Leitz:
      - Added ability to enable/disable error compensation in the controller
      - Fixed issue of DCC moves wrongly considered as complete before it actually
        reaches the target
- [3] Zeiss C99:
      - Fixed timing issue in ethernet communication

4. Bug Fixes
- [1] Software would crash when Add Move was selected from menu in Offline mode
- [2] Software would crash when revisiting a Construct Point operation and selecting
      a different input feature
- [3] Software would crash when changing feature name after creating a form dev. 
      graphical report for that feature
- [4] Memory error in displaying a circular plane, e.g. graphical display view 
      froze and would not draw, or display "out of memory" error
- [5] Live Report in teach mode: initial lower and upper tolerance data was not 
      using default tolerance table
- [6] Report Could-to-Curve Deviation: points could be projected to wrong curves
      and yield large deviation
- [7] CMM-Manager did not start when trying to start it from command line with
      /sfl confiuration_file.xml 
- [8] Path Creation Preferences did not allow user to select all 3 Path Planning
      Options with Star Probe, although full auto with star probe is now supported
- [9] Report Header and Graphical Report in Excel report are now aligned properly
- [10] Installer may hang or crash on certain computer systems
- [11] Report Composite Position would yield large FRTZF deviation if Datum
       Features option was selected

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